Maybe learning *doesn't* take place....

For the 2nd year running I have failed to wear any sunscreen at all when spending the first loooooong day in the garden. I've got a good start on my annual "farmer's tan". Right now my forearms are the color of the inside of a pink grapefruit. By tomorrow morning they ought to be nearly lobster colored! (Note to self: buy some aloe gel tomorrow.)

In gardening news, I have successfully burned the pile of brush/twigs that I was piling up. It was a good day for a fire, being the first calm, dry day we've had in a while. I'll rake up the ashes this week and spread them across the garden. I weeded the front flowerbed, for the most part. The area where the cannas are planted really needs help as does the section by the rose bush on the corner of the house. Those areas are still mostly grass. I have also purchased my veggie seeds for the year. So far I'm going to grow radishes, sweet peas, green beans, butternut squash, mixed lettuces, cucumbers and basil. In a week or two I'll buy some tomato, pepper and zucchini plants. I've got dill seed saved from last year. For flowers in the veggie garden, I have the usual sunflowers and nasturtiums.

The tiller was completely uncooperative today and I couldn't figure out how to get to the carburetor to clean it. I'll have to call the mobile small engine repair guy to come out maybe next weekend and fix it again. He cleaned the carb for me last year and changed the oil too. I've tried on three or four different occasions to start the silly thing and it just doesn't want to go. It almost caught once, but shortly afterward fuel started dripping out of the air filter area. To me that indicates a bit of a carb blockage. The thing is also dripping oil a little, which is annoying. I really really really want to till up the garden.


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