Sound the Feasting Horn!!!

I actually did some cooking for the first time in a couple of weeks. Mostly I've been eating microwaved frozen vegetables, microwaved refried beans and salads or other cold foods. Now I have vegan sloppy joes and broccoli-tofu in garlic sauce. I didn't cook any rice to go with the broccoli yet. Lunches this week will alternate between the two. As chilly as it is expected to be this week, hot meals will be a good idea, I think. The office was nearly freezing at the end of last week. The upside of that is that I have greatly increased my intake of hot herbal tea in an attempt to stay warm.

The cold, wet weather has impeded my gardening progress. I really should fertilize the lawn, but I was lucky to get the lawn mowed at the end of last week. The irises are blooming beautifully. I have several clumps of bronze irises in addition to the purple ones. The heavy rain last week caused some of the flower stems to break, so I now have a nice arrangement of irises in my living room.

Photos for the week:

Daisies and creeping phlox at the front of the house. The daisies have really spread well since I moved into the house. I love how cheerful they look. The phlox will need to be divided at the end of the blooming season.

The goldfinches are back in full force. It is not at all unusual for there to be eight of them at any given time. Aren't they gorgeous?

The fire station exterior walls are coming right along!

A sign of good things to come: the buds on my blackberry bushes.


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