Well, the garden lizard is now an ex-lizard. I don't know how long he's been dead, but he was stiff as a board this afternoon. I didn't see any evidence of trauma so I'm not sure what happened. I'll bury him tomorrow after work. Hopefully there will be more lizards hanging out in the garden later. I'd really like them to eat lots of bugs for me.

The Updates:
I ended up working almost a full day yesterday as part of a group TB testing thing. Hopefully I'll be able to take the time off Thursday and Friday. The weather isn't supposed to be very good then, but I might get more work done around the house, like a bit of spring cleaning and getting all the laundry finished up and put away. I've got some writing to do too and those two half-days would be just perfect for writing.

The garden is waiting for me to do something with it. With any luck I can get it tilled up tomorrow night before the rain starts. Soon I will need to decide what to plant. The garlic appears to be growing very very well. I have quite a bit of volunteer lettuce (mostly romaine) which has either survived the winter or sprouted from the seed last season's crop dropped. I will harvest it, then till up that section of the garden. I had considered not tilling that area, but I would rather start fresh instead of battling the re-growth of last year's weeds and grass. I am going to expand the garden a little bit and will move some of the volunteer blackberry plants to a different location. I really need a half-load of good black dirt or composted manure to do things right. My little compost pile isn't quite going to do the job and I don't have nearly enough rotted leaves from the back corner. I'll do the best I can and we'll see how that does. Things grew fairly well last year, so it's not all bad.

On the exercise front, I didn't do as well last week as I'd hoped. I did perhaps two decent workouts and two half-hearted ones. I like my new yoga mat. I now need to get my sleep schedule back on track so that I have the energy at the end of the day to use it. I did, however, prove to myself in March that I can, in fact, work out nearly every day after work. It felt really good. I'm going to get back into that groove this week. My goal is to once again workout 5 days per week and to eventually be able to get through the entire cardio DVD without wishing my arms or legs would fall off.

On the food front, things are good. I did have a bit of a indulgence at the end of last week. A co-worker was approved for bariatric surgery, so we went out to lunch at the local Italian place. She had eggplant parmigiana and I had the broccoli and fettuccine in garlic cream sauce. After a couple of weeks of eating fairly low-fat food, the high fat stuff just wasn't very tasty. It was also far too white or beige in color. I have discovered that I like pretty, colorful food and when I didn't get any of it, I missed it.

Today for lunch I had quinoa with corn and black beans, some frozen green peas and an orange. Yesterday I made a pot of lentil stew with butternut squash, potatoes and tomatoes. The recipe called for green beans too, but I didn't get them put in. The lentils and squash pretty much disintegrated. It's quite flavorful, but I think it would be even better with a bit of thyme and maybe a bay leaf added.


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