Thou Shalt Not Drive Like a Maniac

It's true. The Vatican said so. Too bad most of the populace around me is Baptist. I don't think they're going to read the Vatican's teachings. Even if they did, I'm sure the majority of the population would think it applied to everybody else. Remember, 80% of drivers believe they have above average driving skills.

Nine firefighters in Charleston, SC died last night in the line of duty. The roof of the fully involved furniture warehouse collapsed while they were inside. It's been a while since that many people were added to the fallen firefighter's memorial in one incident.

Working Away
Well, the desktop computer at work disappeared today. Computer guy took it with him to fix. The amusing part is that computer *girl* fixed it. She blew an image of the main software packages onto the drive, added the stuff she hadn't imaged and will re-image it for me, just in case.

I actually made quite a bit of progress with the TB data entry. I have discovered some bothersome discrepancies in the paperwork. For example, Joe Smith (not a real name) is noted as stating that he has a history of positive TB tests. And right above this is documented that in December 2006 or January 2007 that the test was 0mm, which is negative. Mmmmmmmkay. Which is it? I'm not all that keen on trusting the word of the inmates. We know very well that they fib about test history to avoid having additional tests planted on them. My stack of "problem" paperwork is nearly as big as the stack of OK paperwork. I do NOT like this proportion of "problems". I can only hope that the non-positive test paperwork has a better error rate.

It's a Disaster!!

The three-day disaster drill started today. Tomorrow morning at 7am I'll go moulage up some "victims" for the hospital surge exercise. Thursday I'll observe a POD (Point of Dispensing) being set up. PODs are how medications will be given out during a bioterrorism event. My pager went off twice today telling me there was a HUGE earthquake and five hospitals were destroyed. It was kinda cool. I miss that sort of adrenaline rush at work.

Also tomorrow....
My new pool pump ought to be arriving in the next day or two. I still need to get a "gate" for the skimmer opening. Right now there isn't one. You know, that little flap that lets water out slowly into the filtration system, then pops back up. I believe the proper term is "weir gate" or something like that. I need to measure the opening so I can get the right size. When I went to the local pool store, there were a couple dozen sizes and shapes. Oops.

I think I'm going to be sore in the next day or two. I worked out tonight. Hard. Hard enough to get the "wobblies" in my arms and legs. I'll hit it again pretty hard tomorrow night, then rest on Thursday night since I'll be travelling that day anyway (and starting work at 6am). If I stretch really well tonight before bed, perhaps I can minimize the soreness a bit.


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