More On the Waterfront

Only this time it's the real thing. I just happened to tune in to the middle of it this afternoon. It's hard to believe that this is the same Marlon Brando who ended up in The Godfather. Of course, I also have a hard time reconciling Orson Welles from the era of Citizen Kane and the Mercury Theater with the Orson Welles from the Ernest and Julio Gallo commercials.

Pool Progress
I actually had a bit of a swim this morning. I started out just cleaning the pool then decided it would be easier if I got in there. Finished cleaning things up and swam around a little. I ended my morning's entertainment with about an hour floating on the inflatable chaise. Getting on it was "interesting" and I'm really glad you can't easily see into my yard. I flipped the silly thing over half a dozen times, laughing all the way.

The pump hose is freshly glued and now curing. I should be able to power up the pump in about two hours. Pressure levels get to 40-50psi, so I want to give it plenty of time to set. After that I'll give it a good test. I need to get a hose clamp for the backwash hose. Right now there's no hose on the backwash outlet and the water just runs right back toward the pool and pump area. I'd rather divert it some where else. I already have a 25 foot long section of backwash hose ready to go.

Following a successful pump test, I'll see about assembling the pool vacuum and sucking up the scum off the floor of the pool. After that it'll be time to throw in a package of shock treatment and run the filter for several hours. With any luck that ought to get me in pretty good shape with respect to the chemistry and cleaning end of things. Right now the water is pretty clear and I've got nearly all of the large leaves out of the pool.

I really need to get a new swimsuit. The lining in the present suit has decided to no longer be elastic in nature. It's just all saggy now. A quick fix will be to just remove the lining. However, I'll still need to get a new suit some time this summer.

Pool Update: The pool vacuum is apparently missing some parts (and the directions say the pool should be clean before I use it, which seems like it would rather defeat the purpose of the pool vacuum). It'll cost me another $60 to get it working properly. The good news is that the pump hose is secured properly. I guess I'll just have to let the filter system work and hope that takes care of most of the problem. The pool vacuum will have to wait until the next paycheck. At this rate, it'll be time to close the pool by the time I get things figured out and working properly. :-P

Gardening Update
I've got a nice stockpile of zucchini and cucumbers in the refrigerator. I'm picking a lot of salad greens each week too. There are a lot of green tomatoes waiting to ripen. I need to pick the next round of blackberries today. The basil, dill and cilantro are nearly at their peak. I could make a batch of pesto this weekend if I felt like cooking some pasta to go with it. I really don't feel like doing much of anything. I need to get to the grocery store at some point, but probably not today.

On the ornamental front, I tore out a bunch of weeds from the glads in front of the bedroom windows. Then I transplanted some of the new coreopsis seedlings from this year to the backyard. We'll see how well they do. I watered them well. I don't think they will bloom this year, but they should grow nice and big by the end of the season. I should have some daisy seedlings to transplant later this summer. These are volunteer plants from seed that was dropped in early spring. At the rate of proliferation for the coreopsis, I should be able to replace large chunks of my yard with them by this fall.


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