On the Waterfront...

Ok, so technically it's poolfront. :o)

Anyway, I am slowly making progress toward getting the pool functioning properly. Today I got the new pump installed and got all the connections connected. It only took two visits to the pool store and one to Lowe's. Now I'm waiting for the pool to fill up a bit more so I can start filtering or vacuuming. At the moment the pump pushes water through the filter faster than the pool can fill the skimmer reservoir, so the pump tries to go dry. It's my understanding that running nothing but air through a pump isn't really a good idea. I hope the filter doesn't need to be re-built or have sand added to it. I don't really want to crack open the filter. I'll backwash it really thoroughly and see how well it works. At a minimum I need to get the pool vacuum up and running so I can get the silly scum and leaves off the floor, then shock it thoroughly.

Oh, and I got some weights for the steps. If the weights aren't heavy enough for the steps, I also had the bright idea to put the play sand already in the pool into the now empty chlorine tablet bucket. The bucket is plastic and will securely contain the sand, which is already in the pool.

Update: Should have glued the hose into the pump BEFORE I added more water to the pool. Now I have to go find the plugs for the skimmer and the outflow port so I can disconnect the pump, let things dry and *then* glue things together. *sigh* However, I did get the bins of pool stuff out of the garage. Only found one dead mouse in the bin. The pool vac is now out by the pool. I even found the directions for using the silly thing. Yay!!

A Plethora of Cucumbers
I must have a dozen of the beasties in the fridge. Must find some recipes. I think some nice gazpacho verde might be a good start, especially since it's been so hot outside. And now I'm craving green seedless grapes. *sigh*


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