Olympic Knitting and Painting

Although the Knitting Olympics are officially underway, I'm only half-heartedly participating. My intention initially was to knit myself a sweater.  Unfortunately, I don't think I actually have the time to complete such a critter, so have cast on a pair of socks instead.

What is taking up my time, you ask? Painting. (Can I still call it Olympic Painting if I'm using Valspar paint instead of Olympic paint? I used Olympic paint on the walls if that makes a difference.)  I'm painting the baseboards and trim inside my house.  The previous owners had a dog, which apparently had a penchant for chewing on door frames and corners of baseboards.  Saturday I scrubbed the baseboards and Sunday I spent over 6 hours masking off the baseboards and trim.  I began painting on President's Day.

I have discovered that my small house contains approximately 19.8 miles of baseboards and approximately 42.3 miles of door frames.  I hadn't really considered the detail involved in painting door frames either.  So this job won't be quite as quick as I had hoped  And then there are the doors which will also need to be painted.  Textured, 3-panel and 6-panel doors.  I think I can get the baseboards all done in one day. Needless to say the rest of the project will take a while longer.  Perhaps by the time the closing ceremonies roll around I'll be nearly finished.


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