New Job!!

The written offer has been signed and returned.  I'm soon to be gainfully employed as a public health modeling/simulation scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in (part of the Tri-Cities area).  The group of folks I'll be working with are a high-energy, driven, fun bunch of folks. Apparently they're as excited about my joining them as I am.  The group manager has told me a couple times that she's pretty convinced that I'll be setting the lab on fire shortly after I join them.  We're aiming for a mid-April start date.

The relocation folks at PNL will make the arrangements for me to get packed and moved by an actual moving company, so that will simplify this whole Move Across the Country thing quite a bit.  I'm hoping that Sis will join me for the driving part, but she's having her ACL fixed at the end of March so may not be available.  I've already put a deposit on an apartment in Richland, so that's all taken care of too.

Needless to say, the pace of the Olympic Painting session is picking up a wee bit.  I've got three bedrooms and a garage to paint, plus the 42 miles of trim to touch up and 18 doors. Then there are the miscellaneous small repairs/fixes.  I'm hoping the weather will warm up enough in the next couple of weeks that I can get the deck stained. That'll make a huge improvement at the back of the house.  Some nice flowering annuals at the front of the house and we'll be in good shape.


Ruby, congrats on the new job, but especially about moving to the NW! I'm in Oregon and if I ever moved from here, I think it would be close to Seattle! I was born in that area and visit every so often. You'll love it!!! Good luck in NOT setting the lab on fire ;~)) LOL, Chris

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