Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Learning in Nashville

It's quite the popular place this week. The President even showed up today for a political fundraiser, just in time to completely screw up the evening rush hour traffic. I've already seen this president in person a couple of times. Personally, I'd have rather been learning MS SQL. Oh, wait, I *was* learning MS SQL....

Now I can mangle data with a completely new application!! Actually, it's quite interesting. The actual scripting seems to be quite straight forward. So far knowing other programming and scripting languages isn't a hindrance. We'll see how much of what I learned today I can still remember tomorrow.

Ate at a lovely restaurant called Monell's. It's located in a beautifully restored old house. The menu is standard Southern home cooking--fried chicken, green beans, broccoli salad, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, biscuits--served family style. There was peach cobbler for dessert, served steaming hot. It's probably a good thing I don't live in Nashville because I'd be eating there a LOT and putting on a lot of weight too! I'll definitely be back.

Last night we ate at Macaroni Grill where I had what was essentially a gourmet version of mac and cheese, but with chicken, shrimp and prosciutto in it. And no processed cheese food product involved or any yellow-orange food coloring. For dessert I had a piece of lemon cake with some lemon custard on top. Quite yummy, but a bit heavier than I'd expected. I wasn't able to finish it and that rarely happens.

Angel Hair Yarn Co
Before dinner, we stopped at Angel Hair Yarn Co. On the drive up here, we discovered that we're both knitters and spinners. She also crochets. So we had to stop off at a yarn shop while we were here. I picked up some Anne sock yarn in a blue colorway and some Sockotta in a green/brown/white colorway, which was 1/2 off.

Bookstore Junkie
Of course, since there was a bookstore near the restaurant we ate at on Tuesday, we had to stop in there too. I now have a copy of R.A. Salvatore's Icewind Dale trilogy, featuring the introduction of the dark elf, Drizzt Do' Urden. I also picked up two books by the Dalai Lama.

Next on my agenda:
Figuring out my new schedule so that I have regular time to read my new books (and the old ones I've been meaning to read) plus regular workouts and knitting too. Working only 7.5 hours a day (compared to working 12.5 hours a day) leaves me with LOTS of usable after work time, even if I only get two days off a week. I think I can be a lot more productive than I'm presently being. I'll use some of the time logs from the UI's studying course and find out how I"m using my time away from work and identify the ways I'm not using my time effectively. Come on improved productivity!! :o)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, Rainy/Sunny Monday....

Well, it started out cloudy with expected rain/thunderstorms. By lunch time it was sunny. When I left work there was a big storm cell to the northeast and a smaller one to the west. It rained about 5:30 at my house and at 7 pm the sun came out again. As of 8 pm, we're having a thunderstorm and lots of rain. I didn't think it was possible, but the weather in TN is even more erratic than the weather in IL!

Drippy drippy
I discovered last night that the leak around the plumbing vent pipe flashing above my bathroom is still there. The drip rate during heavy rain is about 1 drip every 5 seconds. But it has to be raining really hard for it to drip at all. This is a big improvement over the previous condition when it was dripping every 2 seconds. I climbed up there tonight to examine the situation. I can see a small hole on the south side of the opening. It'll be easy enough to fix once the weather dries out again. As a stopgap measure, I've put down one of those big trays you put under a washing machine to catch water. Not a perfect solution, but at least the water isn't hitting the drywall now and won't cause more damage there. There's a spot on the ceiling that's about to fall in already. It really doesn't need much encouragement. I'll get up on the roof this weekend and re-caulk the flashing.

House of Mouse
While I was up in the attic, I looked for the bait pack I left almost a month ago as a test for current mouse activity. I had to dig a bit for it as the cable guy buried it under some insulation when getting the cable splitter turned on. It's been eaten. So that answers my question about whether or not there are critters up there now. I'll get some more bait later this week and keep baiting. I want to go through up there and rake the insulation over a bit and disrupt the tunnels. The bait pack under the kitchen sink hasn't been touched, so that's a good sign.

As long as I'm in the attic messing with the mice, I will also need to look over the HVAC ducts and make sure there aren't holes in them. The spot I thought had a hole in it the last time I was up there was already taped and not actually leaking cold air (conveniently the A/C had kicked on when I was checking). I also need to change the furnace filter, now that I think of it.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary....
The garden is about done growing. The vegetable garden, that is. The cherry tomato plant still has fruit ripening, but it's at the tail end of production. The regular tomatoes still have green fruit on them and hopefully I'll remember to check the plants more often so I can harvest edible fruit instead of the stuff that's already started to rot. Tonight for dinner I had a huge plate full of fried green tomatoes.

I'm planning how to change beds along the front of the house. I've got some really ambitious ideas. We'll see what I actually get accomplished. For starters, I need to fix that drainage issue, so the moat doesn't develop every time it rains. I think I can do that by re-grading things away from the sidewalk. I don't think I'll need to put in a gravelled area to handle the water, but that's a possibility depending upon how fast the water moves through the bed. Of course, the second motivation for planting flowerbeds is to reduce the area of lawn which needs mowing. I still think flower beds are less work than grass once the beds are established. I'd rather weed than mow. Riding around in circles gets boring. Perhaps that's why the Lawn Ranger precision mowing drill team was created--Guys got bored while mowing. You know, thinking about it, if Dave Barry could be made a member of the Lawn Rangers, it would only be fitting for Red Green to be a member too. It seems like it would be right up his alley.

Back to the workday grind:
Still no luck getting access to the data I'm supposed to be analyzing. I wouldn't care about not having work to do, but I'm running out of other things to do to fill up my time. And I'm starting to worry about the fact that the data are being reported DAILY, which means the backlog gets to be rather sizeable in rather short order.

Today I got to start investigating a possible new case of a reportable communicable disease. This entails making lots of phone calls. Of course, nobody we needed to talk to was available, including the patient's physician who is out of the country on vacation. Fortunately the patient was willing to answer questions and will come in and have a second blood sample drawn in a couple of weeks for a 2nd test to check for changes in antibody titer. Based on questions about disease exposure, I'm not sure we're dealing with an acute infection. The initial, slightly positive antibody test could be antibodies from a prior exposure. Time, and a second sample, will tell.

Where is my brain?
Today's *DOH!* moment: The training I'm doing in Nashville this week is on Wednesday and Thursday, not Thursday and Friday. That means we leave TOMORROW after lunch. Fortunately I figured this out in time to change my hotel reservation. I had it all written down on my calendar correctly. I just had it in my head that it was Thursday and Friday. Maybe because the last day of the month is Thursday. Maybe I just needed more caffeine to get started on a Monday. Maybe I left my brain in my other cranium. I really don't know.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ah.....another relaxing weekend at home....

Well, if you call mowing the lawn and weeding the jungle known as the flowerbeds at the front of my house relaxing, I guess it's relaxing. It was also about 90 degrees yesterday and about that already this morning. But things are shaping up!

I finally got the perennials planted today. The coreopsis look like hell, but that's what happens when they sit in a dark, hot garage for two weeks and I forget to water them. I don't know if they'll survive or not, but they've got a better chance outside than they did inside. I'll keep on watering them and find out. If they don't make it, that's ok too. I've got a sandwich baggie full of seeds from the plants in Urbana. Ditto for black-eyed Susan seed. The black-eyed Susan plants didn't make it. I don't know if the little oak tree will survive or not. On the other hand, I didn't think the raspberries were going to make it and nearly all the canes are putting out little leaves now. So maybe I'll just have to plant the little oak and see what happens.

For additional fun and games today, I really ought to get out the weed whacker and trim around the trees, fence and sides of my driveway. But it's hot and I'm tired. And before I can use the weed whacker I need to feed it more string. At the moment I really don't want to mess with it.

But here is what I have accomplished so far: moved dead poison ivy to the shady corner of the yard (still need to round-up the heck out of that corner to kill the rest of the poison ivy and if I thought I could use napalm without torching the neighbor's fence or my entire yard, I would), mowed the entire yard in about 2 hours, hacked down the weeds in the front flower beds, planted the iris, coreposis and chives from Urbana, started in on the oodles of laundry from last week and got the living room squared away for the most part. It doesn't seem like I've done much, but looking at the list it's obvious I haven't been slacking off completely either.

My conundrum:
I am running out of places to put things. All of my belongings are now in this house. I don't have anything in storage or hiding in the basement. It's all right here. On top of that, I don't have the built-in bookshelves that I had in Urbana AND I have all the books from when I was a kid here too. So even more books than before with less bookshelf space to put them on.

To solve this logistics problem, I think two things need to happen. I need to re-organize the garage so that I can put boxes out there for storage. I also need to put away/re-organize the guest bedroom so I can store stuff in there temporarily. Of course, I really don't feel like doing either of those things today. The garage is rather hot right now and my motivation for tacking the spare room has evaporated. But I know I need to keep moving on getting things squared away.

What I'll do today: Clean my bathroom, tidy up my room and finish putting away the clothes that are laying around waiting for me to fold them, put away more books in the office and living room and clean up the kitchen. I should be able to clear all the boxes out of my bedroom and kitchen today. I also need to bake oatmeal raisin cookies for work and for Mitch.

The job update:
I spent half of this week in Nashville doing advanced SAS data management training. It went quite well. It was a good mechanism for me to re-introduce my brain to SAS and for me to meet a bunch of the other epi folks in the state and county health departments. There were 9 of us in the class. Lots of folks had heard that I had started work and they were eager to meet me. I also got to meet the EIS officer assigned to Nashville. He put me in touch with the state medical entomologist and we may do some mosquito work together. Everybody seemed very nice and encouraged me to call them if I had questions or needed any assistance or data resources.

Next week I spend two days in Nashville again, but this time learning MS SQL. I'm going to that class with my boss. We're going to carpool over there. I'm hoping she's driving cuz I really don't know my way around at all. I ought to whip out a map and study up on the layout of where I-40 comes in to town and where things are in relationship to each other. I noticed last week that I really didn't have any sense of compass direction at all when I was downtown.

The drive to Nashville takes about 2 hours and is smooth sailing on the Interstate. Pretty scenery too. It'll be a gorgeous drive this fall once the leaves start to change color. Saw some rather unusual (to me) vehicles headed west on my way home.

The first was a rad waste transport. I don't know where it's headed because the major commercial low-level rad waste repository I know about is in SC. But it could have also been headed all the way to Yucca Mountain, NV, though I'd think they'd find a different way to ship it that far than putting it on a flatbed truck. There are a number of nuclear plants, plus Oak Ridge National Lab in TN, not to mention research facilities and hospitals and other places which would generate rad waste.

The second "unusual" vehicle was a landing craft. No telling where it was headed. Looks brand new to me. Wonder if it'll get an overseas trip in the next six months. In any event, someone in the military is getting a new toy.

I wonder what I'll see on the trip next week. :o)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Note to self....

Do NOT scrape finger along top edge of lid to spindle of CDs. It's sharp. It will cause you to peel back a nice big flap of epidermis. And possibly swear a bit. I think I got the skin smushed down again pretty quick, so I"ll keep telling myself it'll re-adhere. My finger was initially too surprised to bleed, so I even managed to get a bandage on it. Now it burns like the dickens. OWIE! On the other's completely distracting me from the poison ivy rash.

Speaking of the rash....I think it might be getting a bit better. I've been good about taking oral diphenhydramine and that has helped the itchiness dramatically. Last night I didn't even wake up in the middle of the night with an itching fit. That was very nice.

At work today, we had the August Birthday lunch. Two women in the office have birthdays in August and the custom is to have a potluck lunch or go out for lunch. Today we ate in, but had spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, coleslaw, cake, etc. I brought chocolate chip cookies. Everybody LOVED them. I told them that I bake whenever I get bored or stressed, so now they're all going to keep me bored or stressed. After lunch I had NIMS training. I was good though and did not doze off at all, despite the high dose of carbs at lunch.

Tomorrow I go in to the office for a little while, then head off for two and a half days of statistics training. The review of SAS will be good and I might learn a bunch of new stuff, given that my SAS abilities are primarily self-taught. I'll get a good set of directions printed out so I don't get lost. In theory the hotel I'm staying at is just a block or two away from the training site, so I can walk there instead of dealing with parking.

Traveling the rest of the week means I probably ought to get cracking on the packing of my suitcase or I'll end up forgetting something important, like pants!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm *here*!

And finally, I am back online as well.

The end of the moving period....
The final bit of moving went pretty well. The drive down took me two days. I didn't leave C-U until about 7pm on the 11th. I had lunch with Griff at The Great Impasta, then stopped by Needleworks to say bye to my knitting buddies. I also purchased 5 skeins of Mountain Colors sock yarn. I couldn't decide between the colors, then finally decided that since I wasn't going to be stopping in every two weeks to buy the skeins one-by-one, I'd just buy the lot and say it was for the next 10 weeks worth of visits. Nancy and Sharon gave me big hugs and I left my contact info for them both. I'll definitely be keeping in touch and stopping in the shop whenever I'm passing through C-U.

I had intended to drive straight through on Friday, but by about 9:30pm I was getting mentally tired and ended up spending the night in Salem. Had a most excellent night's sleep, startled the heck out of a Harley rider polishing his bike when I whipped open the curtain to check out the weather and even got my fix of old movies on TCM (the previous resident apparently had my taste in TV stations). So I got to the house by about noon. Took a brief break, then started unloading the truck. The whole unloading process of truck and the interior of my car took until about 4pm, which was quicker than I had expected. Didn't do much else that night. Sunday started the unpacking.

The Unpacking Process:
I decided ahead of time that the two rooms I needed to focus on were the kitchen and my bedroom. Everything else was not necessarily critical to sustained living at the house. So I'd work on the kitchen for a while, then switch to the bedroom when I got stuck or burned out. I spent most of Sunday finishing the cleaning out of the kitchen cabinets. I also put down shelf paper in the bottom cabinets and the drawers. I lined the bottom of both bathroom vanities since there was some evidence of water damage there. I have since discovered that the kitchen faucet leaks. The shelf liner, being plastic, caused the water to pool nicely for me and prevented any further damage to the cabinet. I had noticed the first day I stayed in the house that the kitchen faucet had a leak that caused water to pool on top of the sink, but hadn't noticed any water below. Apparently it leaks there too. So I will shortly get to learn how to change a faucet assembly. W00t! (Yes, I'm excited about the prospects of changing the faucet. I *like* fixing stuff like that.)

In the past week, the cardboard cubist sculpture has shrunk somewhat and been re-organized. There are still some boxes in the kitchen, mostly because the kitchen here is much smaller than the previous kitchen. I only have three small drawers for storage rather than five large drawers. Plus there are fewer cabinets. I seem to have lost the bottom to my antique cast iron chicken fryer. I imagine it is still in the cabinet in Champaign. I'd have the landlord send it to me, but I expect that it would cost a fortune to mail it given its weight.

I have started unpacking and organizing the living room. Mostly I did this so the poor cable guy could actually find the TV and cable jack. Of course, these two things are on opposite sides of the room from each other. I will need to buy a couple more bookcases. I got spoiled at my old apartment by the built-in shelves on either side of the fireplace. I don't have those here. I also picked up 3-4 boxes of books I had as a kid from Mom's house. So, less shelf space and more books. Not a good combination for keeping things looking neat and tidy. I may put the kids books in the guest room, though I'll still need a bookshelf for them and I don't know yet how much space will be available in there either. I think I'll spend the afternoon working on the living room with the TV running in the background. There is an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon on TCM today.

The office is mostly still a mess, although I got my computer set up last night in advance of getting my cable modem installed today. I need to get a plastic mat for the floor so I can roll my desk chair across the carpet. I have decided to put the computer books and public health/medical books in the office.

Other house news:
I got my front yard mowed with the push mower last Monday. I also used the weed whacker to get most of the really tall grass along the fence and flower beds. That was hot and exhausting, but it looked a whole lot better than it did when it was 18 inches tall. There wasn't any way I was going to mow the backyard with the push mower, however. So I went over to the local John Deere dealer and bought myself a lawn tractor. It was delivered the next day.

Did I mention I have a huge backyard? I do. It took me THREE HOURS to mow it. Granted, it took a bit longer because the grass was so tall (over 18 inches tall in most places and closer to 2 feet tall in some spots) so I had to keep backing up to clear the clippings from under the mower deck. But it still took a long time. Part of the yard is steep enough that I'll only ever mow it in one direction. Now it looks decent, although in some places the mower didn't cut very well and there are spots where the clippings got dropped in a big pile, but it's a great improvement over the before picture, don't you think? I'll re-mow it tomorrow and it'll look even better.

After mowing the lawn for the first time, I decided that the fruit trees (peach, pear and apple) in the backyard needed pruning so I wouldn't have to duck to mow around them. I also pruned the crepe myrtle and Bradford pear in the front yard, plus the boxwood shrub by the house (it was just overgrown) and the shrubby tree thing in the side yard.

Then I decided to rip out a bunch of the poison ivy in the backyard. Two trees in the backyard have poison ivy growing up them. Some of the vines are as thick as my forearm. Fortunately I'm not particularly sensitive to poison ivy, or so I thought. I did have the sense to wear gloves for this, but my forearms are mostly weeping sores right now. If I hadn't worn gloves, I'd have probably gotten urushiol (the irritating oil from the leaves) into my eyes when removing my contact lenses. Wouldn't *that* have been fun? I'll have to clean up the loppers really well so I don't end up re-contaminating myself the next time I use them. In a week or two I should be able to be seen in public with short sleeves on. Right now I'm a big fan of oral antihistamines, topical corticosteroids and calamine lotion. Even so, about 5:30 every morning I get a bad case of the itchies and sometimes when I lean on my desk too. The good news is that there is only one tree left to clean up and I know enough now to wear long sleeves and be very careful about cleaning things up afterward. Remember, Round-Up is your friend. :o)

Speaking of work:
I have survived my first half-week on the job. It has been a lot of fun. The folks I've been working with are all very nice and helpful and very happy to have me on board. I don't know how long these people have been without an epidemiologist, but they've got all sorts of questions for me. I have already got an idea of some things I can do to help them out, including writing up a guide for one of the computer applications they use. There was supposed to be some training coming up for them, but it hasn't happened yet and they've having some trouble getting data entered in a timely and accurate manner. I have already gotten the reputation for being able to figure out why the computer isn't doing what they want it to do and how to fix it. On Monday, my boss will be in the office, as will the communicable disease section head. I should get a much better idea of what I will be working on at that time. I think I'll have a lot of fun working there.

I'm very surprised that people seem to be really amazed that I came down here, where I know absolutely nobody, just to do this job. Apparently you just don't do that sort of thing around here, unless there is family nearby or something like that. In any event, it'll be a great adventure both at home and at work! I'm looking forward to see what each day brings!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Moving, moving, moving....

Finally, I have a chance to update the Universe on my life.... It's been very strange not having regular internet access. Will have to get used to that since I don't know when the new connection will be established.

I figured out over the weekend that between last Saturday and tomorrow I will drive 2300 miles. That's damn near to California, I think. The drive back to C-U from Effingham still takes 3 hours (or it seems to) while the drive to Effingham takes just over an hour. I hate it when time expands like that. Pity that sort of time expansion doesn't occur for FUN stuff. :o)

Here's a brief update while I have Internet access at the hotel tonight:

Moving is a pain in the arm, hand, foot, knee, back..... For some reason, the right side of my body appears to be wearing out. My right thumb seems to be having some tendonitis, making gripping things (and opening bottles) painful to impossible. My right elbow hasn't been right since the last neonatal transport I did (with the 380 pound incubator on the cot, plus two steel air bottles). Now it hurts to lift a 32-ounce beverage if any torque is applied to the joint. Guess that'll inspire me to keep my elbow in. Right knee has tightness/pressure in the joint when I kneel, but that could be something with the distal end of my quad. Actually my back doesn't hurt at all from the lifting, but the sleeping on the futon mattress on the floor wasn't that great, nor was the driving all day for two days running with lots of lifting in between.

Monday, I got the truck loaded up in C-U with the fine assistance of Marcia, Mike and Tom. Marcia played load mistress while Mike and I hauled boxes. Tom helped with the heavy stuff in the morning which was a great relief to me.

My sister Jo came down on Monday night, we crashed at a hotel and then Tues morning finished loading. We headed out for Jackson just after 1pm. I drove the truck and she drove mom's minivan. As usual, there was a torrential downpour at the Goreville/Tunnel Hill area, but this time there was a fantastic lightning storm too. We had intended to start unloading the truck on Tuesday, but decided to get something to eat and go to bed instead. So we did.

And unloading commenced at 0730 on Wednesday. At 0735, meowing was heard from the shrubs out front. The Siamese from next door apparently decided to come by and check out the new neighbor. She wandered around the house commenting loudly. We named her Phoebe. She stayed out of the way, but watched everything. Later in the afternoon she sacked out in a closet, then on a folded up futon mattress and even had a brief nap on my bed before going back to the futon. Had to chase her out of the house at the end of the day.

My motorcycles were delivered four days early by Harry (Allied Van Lines Special Products driver) at about 8:30 or 9 am. He actually got his truck all the way down to my cove/cul de sac and turned around. The driver who picked the bikes up, Kevin, had made sure he tied the tie-down straps in knots for him. Harry said he would retaliate appropriately, even if it meant calling Kevin's wife. I should call Harry later and find out what he did to Kevin. :o)

The monster fridge arrived at about 10am. We immediately filled the ice cube trays. And took turns opening the fridge to feel the coolness.

The temperature when we knocked off for lunch was >95 degrees. No wonder we could wring sweat out of our shirts! It reached 103 before we were done. After lunch we had a 30 min nap. It wasn't as refreshing as we thought it should be. We didn't really get our second wind until almost 2:30. By 4:30 we were done!!

It took until almost 9pm for the house to cool off to 80 degrees with the A/C running. But I got to sleep in my own bed, so who cares.

I predict it will take me approximately 1.43 years to get things unpacked and put away.

Thursday we finished getting the dryer hooked up and headed back to C-U, so Jo could get home (she works on Friday) and I could pick up the second U-Haul truck and car trailer. As usual, the torrential downpour commenced at Tunnel Hill/Goreville and continued for about 10 miles. Lightning wasn't as good this time.

Of course, we stopped in Metropolis to have our pictures taken with Superman, as well as having pictures *as* Superman and SuperGirl. It was a moral imperative and about 2 miles off the highway. Trivia note: This is the *only* municipality in the country named Metropolis, so it has to be where Superman grew up. :o)

The local U-Haul in C-U is horrendously busy this time of year. They had ONE guy working there today a major moving week. This did not go well, as you might expect. They didn't have the truck I had reserved *and* had confirmed the day earlier. They also didn't have one larger. So I got a smaller truck, which may or may not fit everything. Getting the car loaded on the trailer was a bit nerve-wracking. Jo was able to guide me on or I'd have never gotten it done. But, I managed to drive back to the apartment without hitting anybody or losing the car and/or trailer, so that's good.

Had a brief panic attack trying to get everything organized. Ended up getting my entire apartment packed up. Tomorrow i need to get a mini-screwdriver to change the towel bars back, get ice and another cooler and get the truck loaded up again. Have some stuff to drop off at the library for donation and have some stuff, mostly clothes, for GoodWill. S'posed to have lunch with Griff tomorrow. Then it will be time to head out of town for good. W00t!

Now I'm lounging around at the Historic Lincoln Hotel. They have embroidered wallpaper in the lobby. The A/C seems to be stuck on the setting for "Winter in Antarctica". I'll be sleeping with only my nose peeking out of the blankets. I suppose that balances out the heat I'll be unloading the truck in tomorrow and Saturday.

Time for sleep now. I've got an early alarm set to get things loaded up before the weather gets too hot and it gets really late to drive. I don't want to get a hotel halfway down, but that's better than crashing teh truck, I suppose. Mostly I just want to get in my own bed and not have to drive LOTS every darned day.

Remind me to tell you about my recent trip to Iowa, where I found an old Sinclair dinosaur still standing watch outside the gas station.... Yes, I did pull off the Interstate just to take a photo of a stone dinosaur. Isn't he cute? :o)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Continuing the good-byes....

I spent my last day at CPD today. There were probably 60 interview cards to enter. Deputy Chief Troy stopped by to say thanks, told me that I rock and wished me good luck. He also said I'd always have a home at CPD, so to be sure and visit when I'm back in town.

I insisted on having Cindy and Carol get their picture taken with me. Cindy protested, but we wouldn't let her get away with not participating. This photo will join the collection on my new desk in Jackson. I've got just the perfect frame to put it in. It's pink and orange with flowers sticking out the top.

I'm debating baking cookies tonight or tomorrow for the Investigations crew. They do have a morning meeting at which cookies would probably be well-received.

It's going to be wierd not going in to CPD every week. I've been going there for almost six years now. It's always been a lot of fun, between the interesting characters at the department and the amusing things people do to get stopped by the police. I'll definitely be keeping in touch and stopping by to see folks when I'm in town.