Things Done and Things Yet to Do

I've always had a mental list of things I'd like to do in life. Over the past ten years or so I've managed to get quite a few things done, though I also keep adding to the things to do list. I don't expect the additions to ever stop. The more I live and learn, the more activities and adventures I'd like to try.

Things Done: be interviewed on a radio show, be on the front page of the newspaper,be published, finish a marathon, travel the world, live in a foreign country, work at a national lab, work in a service job, work at a racetrack, pet a Kentucky Derby winner, be awarded a patent, win a contest, start/run a business, write/influence federal policy, eat beignets in New Orleans, go to a pro football game, go to a pro baseball game, watch a shuttle launch in person, knit socks, knit a sweater, drive the Pacific Coast Highway, make pasta and croissants from scratch, change the world, live with integrity and not compromise my standards to make others happy.

Things Yet to Do (as of 12 October 2015): learn welding, write a book, visit all 50 U.S. states and all 7 continents, master sourdough baking, weave fabric with which to sew a cloak, sew a well-fitting suit, spin the yarn for a sweater, shear a sheep, rebuild a carburetor, have a wood burning stove, own a horse, live in the woods, complete a triathlon (possibly even an Ironman distance tri), bench press my body weight, leg press 2x my body weight, complete the RunDisney Dopey Challenge, see Machu Picchu, see the Great Wall of China, ride the Orient Express, hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, see the Great Pyramids at Giza, be listed in the credits of a movie, work for Disney, work for NASA, work with Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates, be named a distinguished alumni at my alma mater, and grow the vast majority of the food I eat for at least a year.

What is on your lifetime to-do list?

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