Headed Out

For the second time, actually.  I tried to start on the way to Tbilisi yesterday, but San Francisco was a wee bit fogged in and I'd have missed the flight to Munich, so the travel folks re-booked me to leave today.  It actually worked out pretty well, though I'm risking another delay through SFO today (currently holding an average 79 minute arrival delay).  I got quite a few errands done and even an extra load of laundry.  Next time I try to leave late in the day, I need to just take the whole day off from work instead of working a half day and then scrambling for a couple hours to get everything else done.

Hopefully the training scheduled for Monday morning in Tbilisi will be shifted to later in the week.  I land at 0300 and I'd rather not have to start work at 0900.  I'd really like to take Monday for sleep and preparation but it sounds like there will be training in the afternoon regardless, which means I'll be up and at it around 1000. Good news is that I still have a five hour layover in Munich, so ought to be able to get a goodly bit of work and lecture prep done there.  Hope nobody wants to be social on Monday night because I'll probably be pretty wiped out.


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