Hanging in Tbilisi

I know I should be out exploring but I have to say that I'm really enjoying myself watching and listening to the city from 16 floors up. I am reading and knitting and writing and enjoying not having to deal with any people. (The downside to providing a bunch of training is sometimes far too many people being around and a strong desire to hole up away from everyone.) Perhaps later this afternoon I'll go exploring....

Edited to add:  I did end up going exploring.  I wandered down to Old Tbilisi.  It was horribly hot, so I stopped at the KGB Bar (again) for lunch and a cold drink.  While I was eating and people watching a huge thunderstorm blew up, so I settled in with an eBook and ordered a beer.  One of the guys from the work project and a friend of his wandered by, so we hung out for a while until the rains let up a bit.  Despite the fact that Work Guy kept telling me he wanted to hang out with me when I was in Tbilisi, that was pretty much the first and last time I saw Work Guy, even though we really needed to have a work meeting and discuss stuff related to the project (which he knew and agreed).


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