Spring is here!

Well, at least I think it is and here's why:

  • I have driven with the sunroof open on my car without having to run the heat to keep from freezing.
  • It has been warm and sunny enough lately that I took my plants outside for some fresh air. (I did have to move them back inside a few days later for a frost warning, but that's not the point.)
  • The trees in the neighborhood are blooming.
  • People are out and about more--walking their kids, walking their dogs, walking themselves, riding bicycles.
  • It feels good to open the windows in the apartment, let the breeze in and blow out all the stale air from the winter. It's also time for the annual thorough cleaning of where I live.

So I picked up a cheery bunch of flowers this morning when I did my shopping.  I'll do some spring cleaning in a little bit, then wind up with day with some relaxing knitting.

Speaking of plants....my aloe has thrived in the past year.  It used to be fairly spindly.  Now it has to be positioned just right or it tries to tip over.  The leaflets are enormous, both in diameter and length.  I'll have to figure out repotting it soon.  I should also repot the hen and chicks.  There are lots of spindly little chicks.

Hot Delivery

This is a periodic sight along one of the highways near town.  I can't decide if I like that the deliveries are low key or if I think they need to be labelled a bit more prominently.  These are radioactive waste casks headed to the long-term storage site north of town.  I think I see one about every other month or so on my way to or from work.  I don't know how often they actually arrive.

Pics from DC
On my last trip, we drove past Arlington National Cemetery.
We also had a delightful, delicious dinner at L'Auberge Chez Francois.  It is rather pricy, but I highly recommend it.  The roasted vegetable entree was a big assortment of various veggies, with a simple sauce served on the side. The raspberry souffle is incredibly light and flavorful, even before the raspberry sauce was poured into it. I would definitely get it again if I ever get back there.  There was creme brulee on the menu as well, which a colleague said was also delicious.


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