Life is just a Roller Coaster

All sorts of craziness has happened in the past month or so, from personality/working style conflicts at work and a threat of layoffs to a 36 hour trip to DC and renting my house and getting asked if I want to work in DC for the next year or two and buying an iPhone.

What I really want is to spend a week sitting somewhere quiet just relaxing while someone else completely cleans and declutters my apartment. (For some reason it seems to only get messier when I leave it unsupervised.)

Yikes. I'm flattered to be asked if I'm interested in the temp duty assignment. I have lots of questions though, mostly about logistics and finances. Of course, I just renewed my apartment lease. Given that this is temp duty, I don't think they'll actually pay to move me all the back across the country. Not sure if I could wiggle a housing allowance. Heck, I'm not even entirely sure what the job entails, just which program it's with. My current boss knows the program manager pretty well and thinks it would be good for me. Not sure what doors this would open or close for me. It would mean skipping the Republic of Georgia project though and I don't know if I'd be able to remain involved in any of the other biological weapons convention-related projects. On the other hand, it would gain me a different set of contacts in my network and could lead to other things entirely.

And DC could definitely be fun. I certainly wouldn't lack for things to do/see/hear. Just the museums in DC proper should keep me busy for half a year of weekends.

Of course, it would also put me that much closer to the Congress critters who haven't yet bothered to pass a budget and who are, as a result, holding up my work and the work of many others. We've been assured that we'll still get paid if the government shuts down, at least for a while.  I already have a week of work to make up thanks to the continuing resolution screwing up my time sheet. Going without a paycheck is a lot less tolerable than giving up nights and weekends.


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