Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting Ready to Move On....

Not a bad view from the kitchen window, if I say so myself. I think I like the new color of the deck.  I'm glad the weather cooperated with getting it stained.  I even got my very first nose sunburn of the year and it kept me out of the way of the moving crew packing up my house.

The local bird population has finally quit stopping by to see whether or not the bird feeder has re-appeared.  I feel a little bit bad about no longer providing the sunflower seed cafe. For the first couple of days everybody showed up as usual and then appeared to be rather confused when there wasn't anything to eat. The traffic has dropped off dramatically over the past four days, though I counted one dove, two goldfinches, a cardinal pair and a woodpecker while I checked my e-mail this morning.

Kudos To My Trash Crew!
I wanted to give two big thumbs up to my trash guys, especially on a chilly, wet day like today.  When I first moved in (even before I had signed up for trash service), they hauled away empty boxes for me.  I didn't always have anything for them to pick up each week, but whatever I put out there always disappeared. No muss, no fuss. Thanks, Trash Guys!

Kudos to the Morgan Moving & Storage Packing Crew too!
My belongings are now all in boxes. A crew of four packed up my whole house in about 8 hours.  These ladies had a lot of fun working together too, which is always good.  I've got a bit of cleaning to do (bathrooms and kitchen mostly) and some stuff to haul to the trash drop-off site.  Later today I meet Sean the driver who will haul my stuff across the country.  After that, I'm going to return my cable modem, then kick back and relax a bit.  Tomorrow is loading day and the start of my roadtrip.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Yay! Boo!

In the Yay! Category:

I heard from both the corporate office of the Bekins Moving and Storage Company and their "local" affiliate, Morgan Moving and Storage.  John needed a few questions answered about my belongings and Joyce called to schedule a walk-through so they can estimate what they'll need to get me moved.  Of course, I still haven't got a pack/load date or a start date at the lab.  I told John that I was aiming for the first week of April to move, but that it was flexible at this point and I'd call him as soon as I got something more firm with regard to start date at the lab. ("Local" in this case appears to be located two hours away.)

Also a Yay! was that I ran 3.86 miles in 45 minutes this morning after over a month without running.  I also put in an almost complete weight circuit.  I *love* getting up early and getting things done!!!  (My senior citizen buddies at the gym all said hi and asked where I'd been and if I was ok. They were pleased to hear that I was just playing hooky and everything's fine. I haven't yet told them that I'm running away at the end of the month.)

The final Yay! is that there will apparently be a farewell breakfast for me on Friday. I hadn't expected that at all. Ordinarily folks who are leaving (without retiring) just mosey on their way.  I'll be sure to get in a good workout that morning and bring my hungry belly with me.

For the Boo! category:
I discovered my phone has a wee problem.  It didn't charge today in the car and when I plugged it in at home, the red light didn't light up (indicating it was charging).  I wasn't sure if the problem was the phone or the charger, so I plugged it in to the computer with the sync cable since it was time to sync anyway.  No dice. No charging light there either.  When I unplugged it, the sync cable pulled the connector out of the end of the phone!!!  Yikes!

I immediately filed a claim with the replacement company. I didn't drop the phone today, so when the system asked about that, I initially answered "no".  Of course, after I entered that I remembered dropping it in the bathroom on Thursday or Friday of last week, so I refiled the claim with corrected information.  It didn't fall far, but hit the tile floor hard enough to eject the battery.  I didn't notice any damage at the time, but I hadn't used the sync cable since then either. I don't think knocking it off the seat of the couch onto the carpeted living room floor would have done anything, but I did that over the weekend too. My phone leads a rough life. Anyway, a new phone should be delivered to work tomorrow.  w00t!

The other Boo! is that the office was freezing today.  I ended up wearing my jacket all day long.  At least my hands didn't stay numb past the first couple of hours.  The hot tea I guzzled down helped. The hot tea also helped keep me to just two cups of coffee today, so I even got a Yay! out of a Boo!