Getting Ready to Move On....

Not a bad view from the kitchen window, if I say so myself. I think I like the new color of the deck.  I'm glad the weather cooperated with getting it stained.  I even got my very first nose sunburn of the year and it kept me out of the way of the moving crew packing up my house.

The local bird population has finally quit stopping by to see whether or not the bird feeder has re-appeared.  I feel a little bit bad about no longer providing the sunflower seed cafe. For the first couple of days everybody showed up as usual and then appeared to be rather confused when there wasn't anything to eat. The traffic has dropped off dramatically over the past four days, though I counted one dove, two goldfinches, a cardinal pair and a woodpecker while I checked my e-mail this morning.

Kudos To My Trash Crew!
I wanted to give two big thumbs up to my trash guys, especially on a chilly, wet day like today.  When I first moved in (even before I had signed up for trash service), they hauled away empty boxes for me.  I didn't always have anything for them to pick up each week, but whatever I put out there always disappeared. No muss, no fuss. Thanks, Trash Guys!

Kudos to the Morgan Moving & Storage Packing Crew too!
My belongings are now all in boxes. A crew of four packed up my whole house in about 8 hours.  These ladies had a lot of fun working together too, which is always good.  I've got a bit of cleaning to do (bathrooms and kitchen mostly) and some stuff to haul to the trash drop-off site.  Later today I meet Sean the driver who will haul my stuff across the country.  After that, I'm going to return my cable modem, then kick back and relax a bit.  Tomorrow is loading day and the start of my roadtrip.


Twitchh said…

Congratulations -- Very glad to see things coming together for you like this. Good luck with everything, and may Fortune smile upon you from here on out!

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