Yay! Boo!

In the Yay! Category:

I heard from both the corporate office of the Bekins Moving and Storage Company and their "local" affiliate, Morgan Moving and Storage.  John needed a few questions answered about my belongings and Joyce called to schedule a walk-through so they can estimate what they'll need to get me moved.  Of course, I still haven't got a pack/load date or a start date at the lab.  I told John that I was aiming for the first week of April to move, but that it was flexible at this point and I'd call him as soon as I got something more firm with regard to start date at the lab. ("Local" in this case appears to be located two hours away.)

Also a Yay! was that I ran 3.86 miles in 45 minutes this morning after over a month without running.  I also put in an almost complete weight circuit.  I *love* getting up early and getting things done!!!  (My senior citizen buddies at the gym all said hi and asked where I'd been and if I was ok. They were pleased to hear that I was just playing hooky and everything's fine. I haven't yet told them that I'm running away at the end of the month.)

The final Yay! is that there will apparently be a farewell breakfast for me on Friday. I hadn't expected that at all. Ordinarily folks who are leaving (without retiring) just mosey on their way.  I'll be sure to get in a good workout that morning and bring my hungry belly with me.

For the Boo! category:
I discovered my phone has a wee problem.  It didn't charge today in the car and when I plugged it in at home, the red light didn't light up (indicating it was charging).  I wasn't sure if the problem was the phone or the charger, so I plugged it in to the computer with the sync cable since it was time to sync anyway.  No dice. No charging light there either.  When I unplugged it, the sync cable pulled the connector out of the end of the phone!!!  Yikes!

I immediately filed a claim with the replacement company. I didn't drop the phone today, so when the system asked about that, I initially answered "no".  Of course, after I entered that I remembered dropping it in the bathroom on Thursday or Friday of last week, so I refiled the claim with corrected information.  It didn't fall far, but hit the tile floor hard enough to eject the battery.  I didn't notice any damage at the time, but I hadn't used the sync cable since then either. I don't think knocking it off the seat of the couch onto the carpeted living room floor would have done anything, but I did that over the weekend too. My phone leads a rough life. Anyway, a new phone should be delivered to work tomorrow.  w00t!

The other Boo! is that the office was freezing today.  I ended up wearing my jacket all day long.  At least my hands didn't stay numb past the first couple of hours.  The hot tea I guzzled down helped. The hot tea also helped keep me to just two cups of coffee today, so I even got a Yay! out of a Boo!


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