Moving Right Along

It's hard to believe we're nearly to the end of January already. Seems like my birthday was just last weekend.

The weather warmed up to normal for a bit, but is back to being colder than usual for the rest of the week.  There might even be snow/ice on Thursday night/Friday morning. I suppose I should have a quick look at the pantry and hit the grocery store tomorrow night so as to avoid, for once, the pre-Winter Death 20xx shopping panic.  Off the top of my head the only thing I can think to get are chickpeas so I can make hummus and maybe a box of salad greens.  I've got everything else and I could always eat cooked veggies instead of salad. Maybe I'll ditch the store anyway if the traffic is bad.

In one of my birthday cards, I was given some cash and told to use it to sign up for NetFlix. That sounded like a fine idea, so I did just that.  I have to say I really like it.  Between the DVDs and streaming video, there is always something new to watch. The selection is great--lots of old movies so I can get my classic movie fix and plenty of new stuff too.  This past weekend I managed to watch Appaloosa and Michael Clayton, two movies I missed in the theater.  I've had fun free associating search terms and I really like being able to search for actors, directors and genres.  Heck, just finding obscure stuff and adding it to my queue is half the fun!

Upcoming Interview
I found out today at lunchtime that the kind folks at Battelle want to interview me for a job at the Pacific Northwest National Lab. Next week. The preliminary agenda has me talking to people on Wed and Thurs so presumably they'll fly me out on Tues and fly me back on Friday.  My boss isn't happy about my being gone four days, but everything that can be caught up and done is already caught up and done.  I even spent half an hour today painting out x-ray numbers on x-ray sleeves so the clinic can assign them new numbers and another hour reading journal articles.

If the interview goes well, I can only imagine how irked people will be if I end up taking a job somewhere else.  I told my boss this past summer that I was actively looking for other employment and that I didn't think I was a good fit for the office.  I'm not doing this just to piss people off, though I suspect that's what they'll think.


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