Happy New Year!

I had a snowy but fun out of state trip for the holidays. My return was delayed one day by a late departure time and a snowy highway, but that worked out just fine as it also meant I had a chance to finish the jigsaw puzzle my mom had started two days before.

My niece and nephew were cute and hyper as always.  Niece was still amazed about the whole knitting thing.  I promised to get her some knitting needles for her birthday and to teach her to knit. Nephew wasn't so enamored of the knitting, but did get in on helping bake cookies.  The three of us didn't even make a mess!

Sis was very pleased with her socks and immediately put them on.  Niece always steals her mom's socks, so now I'll have to make niece some socks too. She asked if I could make some in pink, blue and purple. Conveniently I happen to have some yarn in just those colors.  Sis and I also hit a yarn shop near their house where she purchased yarn for me to knit her 4 more pair of socks (bringing her total to 6 pair) and I bought the yarn for her February Lady Sweater. (I inadvertently bought enough yarn for both the pullover and cardigan versions, so I guess I'll make both!)

I spend New Year's Eve driving home, arriving at my house between 6 and 7pm.  TCM was kind enough to be showing the Thin Man movies in order as their NYE marathon, so I watched a couple of them while I unpacked/unwound from my trip.  I spent New Year's Day watching the Rose Bowl parade, the Rose Bowl game and cleaning the house.  I didn't have the time or the interest to clean things up to my usual new year standards, but the house is clean, if still somewhat cluttered about the edges.

I hope you each had a fun, relaxing and enjoyable set of holidays and wish you all the best in the coming year!  I didn't think 2009 was all that bad, but apparently it was pretty rough on a lot of folks. In any event, I'm looking forward to see what 2010 brings!


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