Change Is In The Air

Or maybe it's in the water. It's in something.....

I'm smack in the middle of two multi-state outbreak investigations which is just a ton of fun.  Right now I'm playing "catch the patient at home" with one person.  It'll be interesting to see what today brings.

I've gotten back on the eating well and exercising regularly bandwagon.  I don't get to the gym every morning, but I do at least workout at home on my "off" days.  It's been fun to re-connect with my gym buddies too.

Finally, it appears that I may be on the verge of a new job. I'm still in the interview process, but if things go well this week they'll fly me out for a site visit.  The group I'd be working with needs an epidemiology and public health specialist to help them develop dynamic simulation models for outbreaks.  Most recently they've been working on pandemic influenza.  I threw out a couple of ideas for new models that could be developed and they loved them.  I'm so pleased to see that the work environment is open to learning, growth, change and actively striving to do things better.  I've desperately missed that attitude in the workplace. All I need to do now is to reinforce that we're a perfect match for each other.


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