I'm Gonna Be Sore Tomorrow....

Since the weather was glorious this weekend (sunny and in the 70s with light winds), I got a bunch of yard work finished for the season. Yesterday I did a thorough job of whacking all the weeds, pruning the fruit trees and burning off the garden.  Today I cleaned all the gutters, hosed down the exterior of the house, spray painted the lamp post, scrubbed the mold off the mailbox post, overseeded the lawn to use up the remaining grass seed from last year, weeded the mulch around the fruit trees and swept out the garage.  On Wednesday, I may pick up the supplies for the deck and fence cleaning/staining project and I'll definitely start painting the kitchen. Other than that, I'm not sure what I'll do with my bonus day.  Perhaps I'll finally get around to burning the burn pile.  Next weekend maybe I'll till under the remains of the garden.


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