Darned Clouds!

I had high hopes of watching the Leonid meteor shower this evening, but my plans have been dashed by a second night of total cloud cover.  This year was supposed oto be a particularly good show too.  Pooh.

So instead I'm watching One Upon A Time in the West, a classic Sergio Leone spaghetti Western. Just a tad bit violent and Henry Fonda plays a not-entirely-nice guy as does Jason Robards.  Charles Bronson is in it too. We'll see who wins that battle. (I don't actually remember how it ends and I may go to bed before it ends tonight too.)

Regaining Gym Rat Standing
I'm back on the workout wagon again.  I went most of last week and I'll go most of this week too.  My worst impediment to getting to the gym lately has been having a really good book to read in the evenings. If I stay up until 11pm reading, it's harder to get out of bed at 5am than if I turn the lights out at 10pm.  I'll have to work on either putting the book down even during a good bit or just getting up anyway.  It's not like one night of only six hours of sleep is going to hurt me any.  Time to stop making excuses and just get up.  On the other hand, I have at least managed to workout at home in the evening if I don't workout at the gym in the morning. My fellow gym rats haven't given me too much grief for my irregular attendance.  Two of them even said it was good to see me.

The biggest bonus to returning to my gym rat habits is that I'm much less interested in eating junk food now.  If I'm going to put in the time and effort to workout, why would I undo that work by eating Cheetos or cake? So I spent part of last night mapping out my meals for the next ten days. (I went ahead and planned things all the way through Thanksgiving.)  It really simplifies things for me to know what I'll be eating.  This week my lunches are Moroccan Lentil Stew plus a green vegetable and a piece or two of fresh fruit.  I'll make another pot of black bean soup and a pot of kale and tomatoes this weekend to get me through next week.  Thanksgiving dinner will be baked acorn squashes with cranberry sauce, plus mashed potatoes and gravy.  I'll probably just have fresh fruit for dessert.

Holiday Shopping

My 5 year old niece has developed an interest in cooking.  I'll make her a nice apron (probably with Disney Princess fabric) and buy her a kids' cookbook to go with it.  I might track down some kid-sized kitchen tools too. My 3 year old nephew is really into airplanes right now and wants to be a pilot even more than he wants to be a firefighter like his daddy.  I hope I can find an airplane book at the 1st-2nd grade reading level since he's already reading his sister's books.  I'd like to find them each a program to learn Spanish too, either for their laptops or for the Leapster. Nephew in particular *really* likes to learn stuff and he's got no idea that some stuff is supposed to be hard. He just soaks it all up like a sponge. Too bad there's not a "Particle Physics for Kids" book.

Box of Belly Buttons


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