I Have Returned!

I'm back from the conference/vacation. It was a good trip, except for the part on the last day where I broke my camera and the part where my suitcase was 2 pounds overweight and I declined to play the "take stuff out of the suitcase full of dirty clothes in front of everybody until it's under 50 pounds" dance and paid them the $80 for the excess baggage. Of course, once I paid the money and turned the suitcase over to the TSA folks, I realized I could have probably made the weight if I'd just pulled out my conference bag and stuff it into my backpack. *sigh* Then there were the two screaming infants on the first flight (at least they didn't throw up). The 2nd flight was uneventful for us, but we did have to make a 2nd approach attempt after another plane was directed to take our landing attempt due to an emergency. My suitcase made the connection, plus I found my car in the parking lot and neither my car nor my house were broken into while I was away. Yay!

Twitchh and I hung out together quite a bit during the conference, then spent a day each at Kennedy Space Center and the EPCOT Center. That was a lot of fun. I've now been within a thousand yards of the shuttle launch pads. I really like the new Apollo/Saturn V exhibit building. The tour guide we had talked a bit about the upcoming Constellation Project which be the active mission series once the Shuttle program shuts down in 2010. With Constellation, we'll be going back to the moon with the intention of building a moon base for future manned exploration of Mars. How long do you think it will be before there's a Holiday Inn on the Moon?

I'll post pics later this week. I'm exhausted. In addition to flying home today, I also mowed my yard, did my laundry and put away all the stuff from my suitcase. It's not even 9pm local time and I'm going to bed. On top of all that, I think I caught a cold yesterday.

Tomorrow I will head off to work, pick up my mail from the past week, make some freezer jam and pick more blackberries. So far I don't have any ripe tomatoes, but there could be a couple ready to go by the end of the week.


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