I'm having to scramble to find things to do with the bumper crop this year. I picked two quarts of berries today and will probably get another two quarts picked by the end of the weekend. I've been eating berries in my oatmeal every morning and I baked a pie (and ate all of it) last weekend. I could bake another pie this weekend, but I can't say that I really need to eat another pie this weekend. (Yes, baking the pie doesn't mean I have to eat it all, but I have no willpower when it comes to resisting pie.)

My brilliant idea is now to try making freezer jam. I've never made jam before in my life, but it seems pretty straight forward and if it doesn't work, I'll just make smoothies and pie.

Loooooong Weekend!!!

I've really got to write my presentation for the RAD conference. The presentation is just a re-vamping of last year's talk, but I still need to sit down and do it. That should tie up half of one day. I'll hammer hard to get through all my chores in another half day. That will leave me with nearly two whole days to goof around! Which means that I'll spend most of those two days weeding the garden, floating in the pool and listening to audiobooks. I'll probably see a movie "with" Twitchh on Sunday. It should be a very relaxing and restorative weekend. I feel a big bout of productivity coming on....


Twitchh said…
Yayyyyyyyyyy, "relaxing and restorative"! I could use some of that myself.

"See you" on Sunday! :o)
Stefaneener said…
regular jam is easy-peasy. Freeze the berries until you have 4-8 cups and you'll be set. Mmmmmmmm. My total and utter favorite jam in the world. There really isn't such a thing as too many blackberries.

Good luck on your presentation.

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