Exploring bit by bit

Last weekend I tried out Paisano's Pizza. Their thin crust pizza was quite crispy, though the flavor of the dough was a bit lacking. In their favor, they do offer green olives on the menu so I was able to have mushrooms and green olives. I happily indulged in cold pizza for breakfast several times.

I went on a bit of an excursion to look at fall leaf color too.  Nothing too exotic, just drove down the Mt. Vernon highway to Mr. Washington's house and then ran errands on the way home.  The peak color is said to have just arrived here.  I've been taking random photos without looking (sort of like Kinnearing) while driving to work thinking that the series of photos over several weeks will show the color progression. Tomorrow I may well just take a short walk along the Mt. Vernon trail to further enjoy the scenery. 


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