Packing and Moving

So, I'm moving to the other end of the country in about six weeks.  I won't be able to afford an apartment large enough to hold all of my belongings so quite a bit of stuff will be staying behind in storage. I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out is just what stays behind and what goes, then packing up what stays behind and moving it to storage.  Part of me wants to leave almost everything and just move with the bare bones, but I suspect once I got moved that I would regret that. I'll have to come up with a reasonable compromise between everything and almost nothing.

I currently have 5 1/2 tall bookcases full of books.  I think I can reasonably get that down to three, partly because there are built in shelves in my likely new apartment. Given that books are often a source of comfort, there will have to be a balance between stuff I'm going to read for the first time, use for reverence, and old favorites/friends to take with me.

The apartment hunting trip has been a success. Although I haven't yet got an employment contract, I knew I needed to get out here to find housing. I've figured out which apartment complexes are good candidates for me.  The best candidate so far is within my price range, is within a 30 minute drive to work, and borders a walkable neighborhood.  Nearby are several restaurants, grocery store, dry cleaners and coffee shop.  It's a short drive to a Metro stop, the Mt. Vernon Trail, Old Town Alexandria (yarn shop!) and the local branch of the library. I won't sign a lease until I get a signed employment contract, but I'm debating whether to put down a holding deposit to at least hold an apartment for the next month and prevent someone else leasing out the one I want.

It rained overnight. After five years in the desert and annual rainfall in the 7-8 inch range, it will take some doing to get used to humidity and regular rainfall. I will have to start carrying an umbrella. I normally wear a Gore-Tex jacket instead of messing with an umbrella, but that may not work very well with business attire.


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