New Neighbors

My last downstairs neighbors were a middle-aged couple, two teenagers and a Weimaraner. They occasionally let the front door slam. One autumn Saturday afternoon the dog howled briefly (which inspired me to watch horror movies on NetFlix). I think I heard someone practicing the tuba or baritone once or twice, but otherwise I never really knew they were there.

The new downstairs neighbors have a smaller dog.  By the sounds of its incessant barking, it's in the 15-20 pound range. Methinks we have separation anxiety. Thank goodness it isn't a yappy tiny dog.

My co-workers seem to be cycling through a combination of allergies and respiratory bugs lately. People are being knocked out of work for a couple days to a week with fever, cough and general miserableness.  I'm glad I got my stint out of the way early.


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