What A Week

Spent Monday doing my civic duty as a juror in district court.  Despite a high degree of confidence among colleagues, I not only was selected for a jury pool, I also was seated on a jury. The trial was a short one and we were through in a single day. In the end we determined the state did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant was driving while impaired.

The past two days I spent in a Wilson Learning Social Styles course as part of a professional development program at work. A couple years ago, I was deemed to be an analytical analytical. This time I was deemed to be a driver driver. What is worrisome is that each of these extremes is the stress behavior for the other.  I'm not sure which one is the "barefoot" behavior and which one is the stressed. Each time I took the course and had peers evaluate me, I had been put in the course because there was a communication problem and I had been under considerable stress.


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