Vacation Days 2-7 and beyond

The rest of the vacation was pretty good. Packet pick up was busy but went pretty well.  I managed to snag some good race merchandise.  We finished the race without injury or other mishap. We visited Kennedy Space Center.  We ran amok at several of the Disney Parks, broke Space Mountain, ate funnel cakes, and watched fireworks.  I even managed to knit a sock.

The entire month of March has managed to zip right on past without my quite getting the hang of being back from vacation.  Work has been frenetically busy, but I've been having a whole lot of fun, so I can't complain too much.  Of course, I've been working excess hours that I now need to take time off to use up, but can't really get away from work to take the time off.  Hopefully I'll manage to fix that soon or I'll end up taking off all of August and September to clear the overage and I somehow don't think that will work very well for my projects.


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