My trainer and I had a bit of a chat today. It seems she can really tell that the ONLY time I've been working out is my once-a-week session with her. So now I've been ordered to work out at least three days a week, including the day with the trainer. None of this sort of half-assed weight lifting at home when I feel guilty about not hitting the gym first thing in the morning like I used to do. An actual hard workout. (Odd how this was so much easier to do when I was training for the half-marathon earlier this year....)

I've also got orders to eat more vegetables and fewer grains/starches to help boost the drop in body fat percentage. Sounds like it's time to get back to green smoothies in the mornings and leafy salads at lunch.

Despite my lack of workout motivation, I still lost a pound of weight this month and dropped 2 inches off my body (including 3/4" off my waist), making a total of 16 pounds and 9.5 inches gone. Still got a ways to go to reach my body fat percentage and my cardio fitness goals, but I can get there.

I'd love to be this fit when I'm 60 years old. :-)
Ruby Carter-Pikes


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