I don't know what it is about most bras, but they're just annoying.  Despite following the fitting instructions to the letter, they never fit quite right.  They are too tight in the band and leave nasty marks.  Or they are too loose in the band and ride up.  The straps self-adjust their length during wearing and fall off the shoulder.  It's also nearly impossible to find a bra that isn't heavily padded.  I don't know about you, but I'm quite happy with my girls and don't want to make them any larger or pushed up toward my ears than they already are.  I also like wearing a bra that isn't quite so much like foam armor and actually MOVES with you, instead of threatening to dump its contents out if you lean or twist or reach.

Now, if I could only find a bra manufacturer that actually thought these things were a good idea too....  Just about the only thing I hate more than a poorly fitting bra is going bra shopping.  Ugh.  I may have to try the Victoria's Secret shop again.  Every couple of years they have exactly what I want in a non-bulletproof, non-buttressed brassiere.

As long as I'm on the topic of annoyances and clothing, I'd like to protest the discrepancies in sizing between every women's clothing manufacturer on the planet.  A size 10 in one brand of jeans should be the same measurements as a size 10 in all of them.  Same goes for shirts, skirts, dresses, etc.  Or else women's clothing needs to follow the much smarter method employed in the men's clothing world and sell garments by actual measurement, rather than these made up sizes.

One final personal "annoyance".  Why is it that whenever I finally break down and invest a sizeable bit of money in good quality business clothing, I end up losing weight almost immediately so that the nice clothes no longer fit???  Not that I mind losing weight, but it is annoying to have spent a chunk of change on clothes I only get to wear a few times and then ahve to turn around and buy MORE clothes to get things that fit right.  Of course, I also generally dislike shopping for clothing, which doesn't help things any.  

I am hoping to get at least some of my current wardrobe altered to fit.  I also have several pair of nice dress pants which are currently too small but might soon become just right.  These will need to be hemmed to a decent length and I'll need to get a new pair of business heels to go with them, but that's minor.

Having spent about two weeks on travel where I did absolutely no working out, I'm very happy to be back at the gym.  I managed to eat more than usual while I was away but also walked more than I typically do.  The end result was no net weight gain.  I travel again in just under eight weeks.  I've now got the wild idea that I might realistically get to my goal weight, if not my goal body fat %age by the time I travel again.  One to two pounds a week of fat loss would do it.  Now to just get a better handle on what I eat at home and stop with the visits to the fridge and pantry whenever I get bored or am trying to avoid doing things which are difficult or stressful.  Perhaps if I substitute a dozen biceps curls, chest presses or walking lunges instead of food.... And post notes about the house reminding me of my goal....


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