Travel Season

It would seem that I'm in the midst of major travel season.  In January, I spent a week in Amman, Jordan for a workshop. (It really is a coincidence that the cabinet was fired a few days after I left.)  Then I was home for two weeks. Last week I was in the DC area for a conference.  I will be at work on President's Day (yes, even though I'm a contractor at a federal agency, we don't get to celebrate today's federal holiday).  Tuesday morning I left for vacation at Disney World and the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  Needless to say, the travel schedule rather interfered with my training schedule. Hopefully we'll still manage to finish the race. 

I must say that 11 hours stuck in a plane is far too long, especially if you're sitting in economy.  Despite being a government contractor, my employer fails to follow the usual travel policy and book us in business class on flights that are more than 8 hours long.  Ugh.  Thank goodness I'm short and have no difficulty sleeping on a plane.

So far vacation is going fairly well. Spent a day at EPCOT. Watched the space shuttle Discovery launch. Have eaten way too much. Got swooped by a seagull. My sister got pooped on by a different seagull. Bought a new purse and a spiffy Dooney and Burke tote that should work splendidly as a carry-on/laptop tote. Rode a bunch of rides. Watched some fireworks. Will have lunch at Cinderella's castle tomorrow.

Pictures coming soon, I promise!!!  (I have discovered that my laptop doesn't want to acknowledge the new SD cards I bought for my camera.  I have great photos, just no way to share them.)


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