Travel Miscellany from the Past Four Days

Lost #1
At the SeaTac airport, there is a restroom at the near end of Concourse C. The open doorways to the men's room and the women's room are side by side. If you go in the left doorway, you end up in the men's room. If you go in the right doorway, you end up in the women's room.

A guy got halfway down the line of stalls in the women's room before it dawned on him that there were no urinals and the one woman washing her hands said "Um, women's room."  From the giggles emanating from the two women who entered as he exited, he must have looked absolutely horrified he'd gone in the wrong restroom. Everybody seemed rather sympathetic about what sort of mind-numbingly long travel day he must have had.

Lost #2
While purchasing a bottle of water at an airport convenience store, I spied a Kindle laying on top of the candy/gum shelf. At first I thought it was a demo but then it seemed odd for a convenience store to sell Kindles.  Then I spied the boarding passes tucked into the case. I turned the Kindle over to the shop clerk. I hope the owner figured out fairly quickly that she left it behind and came back to claim it.

Was entertained by an irate air traveler who thought it was a good idea to attempt to push past a gate clerk to get to the boarding ramp. She loudly announced that he needed to step back. He pushed past her. Then there were several airline employees ordering him to back off. Before long there were also five uniformed police officers. The passenger was not pleased when the gate clerk declared that the passenger would be denied boarding. He began to rant about breach of contract, etc. The officers did a fairly decent job of getting him to quiet down. Needless to say the passenger and his traveling companion missed their flight. Eventually they all went down toward the main terminal, but seemed pretty amiable about it.

Two thumbs up to the TSA agent running the metal detection portal I used at O'Hare on Monday.  I bopped through the portal a bit too fast, not wanting to hold up the line (there were three people stacked up behind me).  Smiling, laughing TSA guy says "Hey, now. You can't run through there. Go back and do it again." Oops. Sorry. I'm just so excited about flying today. "Nope. You're not flying. I'm the only one flying today." And he gave me a big smile.

This was after he'd made three requests for a female TSA agent to come screen an Indian woman with metal decorations hanging from her traditional clothing.  By the time I'd gotten my shoes back on and my pockets re-loaded, he finally got a female officer to come over.  He could easily have been cranky, but he was as chipper and personable as can be. Downright jovial.  I wish I'd caught his name or badge number so I could write a note to the TSA folks complimenting him.

I now have three new pair of shoes and two new pair of jeans, thanks to a quick shopping expedition with my Sis. We didn't have time to do any more damage than that, which is fine. Sometimes a quick, focused shopping trip is just what's needed. We had fun.

While standing in the line for the Ferris Wheel with Niece, Nephew and Sis, I spied a rather muscular, tanned and tattooed gentleman about my age standing in line just ahead of us, chatting with another guy of similar age.  He had on a pretty cool Disney t-shirt with a dragon flying on the back.  What really caught my eye was the fact that he was carrying a rather bling bling handbag.  He'd grabbed it by the straps and was letting it hang by his ankles. Totally casual, like he carried a handbag on a regular basis, not holding it away from him like many men do.  Later on I saw him with his wife/girlfriend and kids. This time she was carrying the handbag.  I think it almost looked better on him.


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