I Hab a Code in My Nothe

At first I thought it was just really dehydrated sinuses and some post-nasal drip.  Nope.  It's definitely a cold.  I think I half filled my trashcan at work with used tissues today.  Yes, I could have used a hanky, but that would have only been a satisfactory solution for about ten minutes.  At the moment, the incessant drainage is taking a brief hiatus in order to allow my head to develop enough pressure to make my eyes feel bulgy (probably not a word).  I made a point of drinking lots of peppermint herbal tea today so I'd stay hydrated, with the end result that I made numerous trips to the bathroom. Not sure the extra fluids helped much. Oh well....with time I'll be back to normal.

My trips to Seattle and Chicago were fun though I think I'm glad to be back.  I've gotten my laundry caught up and the dishes.  I even did my weekly grocery shopping. Now I still have the mountain of stuff to put away from when I moved.  Still not making much headway there.  I don't know that I'll make much progress tonight.  I think I need rest and an early night instead.  I'll watch a DVD and knit, then head to bed.  It's an exciting life, but someone's got to do it. :-)

Tonight's DVD: Curse of the Golden Flower.


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