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Convenience vs. Struggle

I've been thinking lately about convenience and the balance there needs to be between convenience and struggle. Too easy and we get complacent and lazy. Too hard and we get discouraged and quit. Some struggle and we grow stronger and thrive. Some convenience and we have a chance to relax and recover. Having spent a chunk of my formative years with limited resources, I have a tendency to think frugally and to shun convenience. As a result, I may choose a makeshift solution that it cheaper than a faster or even better solution which costs more. I don't always like the makeshift solution, however. It rarely looks as nice and sometimes doesn't work as well even if it meets the minimum performance requirements. Whether I would have liked the more costly and complete solution is unknown, but it's not hard to assume that the other solution path would have had a better end result. Sometimes I discover that my makeshift solution is incomplete which results in the pr

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