Thursday, August 18, 2011

An "Interesting" Start to the Day....

The middle lane on the road to work was closed this morning. Drivers were not, however, really noticing the big flashing sign with the arrows pointing to the open left and right lanes. So traffic was backing up as the middle lane vehicles tried to merge at the last minute into the other lanes. And some drivers didn't notice the slowing traffic until the last minute.

Like the big F-250 pickup truck behind me.

Fortunately the driver had the sense to swerve smoothly onto the shoulder rather than slamming into the back of my little car.

Here's the fun part....

When the truck actually stopped, the front bumper was about even with the front of the passenger compartment of my car.

I suspect had the truck actually hit me, the bumper would have stopped about halfway through the passenger compartment, after pushing the rear of the car into me and me into the engine compartment.

That would have most definitely put a crimp in my plans for the day, not to mention the next few months or years.

I debated buying a lottery ticket today since I got tremendously lucky in avoiding a nasty bad accident today. Perhaps I'll do that tomorrow. :o)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

If I see one more posting freaking out about Facebook and phone numbers...

I may just have to excuse myself to go sit on the deck and drink.

Apparently a whole bunch of people figured out yesterday that the Contacts list in your Facebook account gets populated with phone numbers. Most of these numbers were provided by the friends themselves and shared with you. If, however, you used the FB smartphone application on your smartphone AND chose to sync your contact list in your phone with it, then FB also tries to add those people to your friends/contacts list. This information is, however, visible only to you. And YOU TOLD FACEBOOK TO DO IT. Stop having a fit because FB does what you tell it.

In any event, there is an easy solution. You can quite easily delete the phone numbers in your contacts list. You can also have your smartphone NOT sync your contact list. And you can also delete any phone number for yourself that you provided to FB. While you're in messing with your account settings, you might want to review the rest of the privacy settings for your account as well just to verify who can see the information you have provided. Just because you can see things on your screen doesn't mean the rest of the world can also see that information. (It would be handy if FB had a "Show me what my profile looks like if I'm a: 1) stranger, 2) friend or 3) me" like Google+ can do.)