Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hanging in Tbilisi

I know I should be out exploring but I have to say that I'm really enjoying myself watching and listening to the city from 16 floors up. I am reading and knitting and writing and enjoying not having to deal with any people. (The downside to providing a bunch of training is sometimes far too many people being around and a strong desire to hole up away from everyone.) Perhaps later this afternoon I'll go exploring....

Edited to add:  I did end up going exploring.  I wandered down to Old Tbilisi.  It was horribly hot, so I stopped at the KGB Bar (again) for lunch and a cold drink.  While I was eating and people watching a huge thunderstorm blew up, so I settled in with an eBook and ordered a beer.  One of the guys from the work project and a friend of his wandered by, so we hung out for a while until the rains let up a bit.  Despite the fact that Work Guy kept telling me he wanted to hang out with me when I was in Tbilisi, that was pretty much the first and last time I saw Work Guy, even though we really needed to have a work meeting and discuss stuff related to the project (which he knew and agreed).

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Headed Out

For the second time, actually.  I tried to start on the way to Tbilisi yesterday, but San Francisco was a wee bit fogged in and I'd have missed the flight to Munich, so the travel folks re-booked me to leave today.  It actually worked out pretty well, though I'm risking another delay through SFO today (currently holding an average 79 minute arrival delay).  I got quite a few errands done and even an extra load of laundry.  Next time I try to leave late in the day, I need to just take the whole day off from work instead of working a half day and then scrambling for a couple hours to get everything else done.

Hopefully the training scheduled for Monday morning in Tbilisi will be shifted to later in the week.  I land at 0300 and I'd rather not have to start work at 0900.  I'd really like to take Monday for sleep and preparation but it sounds like there will be training in the afternoon regardless, which means I'll be up and at it around 1000. Good news is that I still have a five hour layover in Munich, so ought to be able to get a goodly bit of work and lecture prep done there.  Hope nobody wants to be social on Monday night because I'll probably be pretty wiped out.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Analytical Analytical

Took a Wilson Social Styles class at work this week. I enjoyed the class but it seems to have given co-workers additional justification for rejecting my contributions. "Oh, you're just being analytical." (This is particularly ironic when said by an analytical person.) Yet the same ideas are considered wonderful when emanating from the mouths of others.

It never occurred to me that the super bright people working at a national laboratory would be unable to fathom that there might be multiple valid paths to multiple valid solutions rather than being rigidly inflexible that their way is the one true way and everyone else is wrong. It's not a zero sum game folks. We might all be right. We definitely all have something to contribute and the fact that I contribute doesn't mean that you suck.

Methinks it is time to find a new place to work.