Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lobbing it up....

Ok, so that was lame. It was all I could htink of. :o)

Feriel and Northwestern won their matches at the Big 10 tournament today. They play again tomorrow against Michigan in the finals. Tom is working the standby. I didn't get a chance to take his picture with Feriel today, but perhaps tomorrow. I don't know that I'll get over there since I have the day off and a ton of things to do, but I might get there before teaching.

I have lectures to write/prepare for 9+ chapters of the Basic course at the Institute. The first day I taught there wseemed to go just fine. We'll see how MOnday, Tuesday and Friday go. The class sseems to like how I teach and interacts quite well. I need to come up with some active learning activities and scenarios for them to do so they get more practice with the skills they need to know to be goood, successful EMT-Bs.

Sockie Sockie!
Been workingo n my gray wool twist and ribbing sock. I don't remember where the pattern came from. I think it was the internet, but IK don't remember for sure. I've got the first sock of the apir down to the heel flap, so I guess i"m 1/4 done with the pair. With some consistent work on it, I could be done with the sock by the end of the week. I don't think that will happen though. Too many things to do.

Speaking of things to do, here's my "list"

tune-up tiller and change sparkplug.

till up backyard and re-seed it. possibly put in small veggie garden for lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, etc. Not sure I could ikeep the damn neighbor kids out of it though.

Create reading list of books I've always wanted to read or that everybody "should" read, like Anna Karenina.

Develop list of meals to simplify my grocery shopping. I've started this before but the lists are in multiple places and not well organized.

Finish the gray socks and the lace socks. Figure out what socks to knit next. Finish up the gray sweater I've been working on for six years. Seam up the green polo sweater and go through the rest of my WIPs to see what needs to be finished or frogged.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Friday Friday

And what a Friday it was. :o)

Tennis Tennis Tennis
Let's see....the Big 10 Women's Tennis Championship is on campus this weekend. Tom and I spent the day doing the ambulance standby there today. Tom had never watched tennis before. He had no idea what the rules were. So we're sitting there, watching a doubles match while Tom is on the phone to his girlfriend. The Northwestern players come sit down in front of us for a break just as Tom says "the action is pretty good so far, I guess." One of the players looks out of the corner of her eye at him while she takes a drink of water. As they go back out on the court for the next game, she says "just pretty good, eh?" Tom is embarassed. He hadn't realized his voice carried quite so well. After two more games, the players come back and the one woman says "Was that better action? We tried to make it more exciting for you." Tom says it was great and we all laugh. I said it was his first tennis match and he didn't quite understand things. Tom said it would probably be a lot more fun if he understood how to score the game. The player said she couldn't figure it out either and went off again to play. Northwestern team won the doubles match we watched.

Tom and I went off to get some lunch. On his way back from getting some nachos, Tom ran into the player who was picking on him. She said hi. Tom said hi and that he enjoyed watching the game. He also offered her some of his nachos, which she dove into. She also invited him to come watch her singles match. So we did and she won. Turns out her name is Feriel (a very pretty name for a lovely and tall young lady who makes an interesting sing-song noise when hitting the ball rather than the grunt that everybody else seemed to make). She said she hadn't played her best today. I told her she did well enough. She beamed. She giggled and grinned when we said we'd made arrangements to do the stand-by on Saturday too so we could watch her play. She called us her good luck charm. I hope she does well tomorrow.

I didn't know when I went to work that I'd be outside most of the day in the sun, so I didn't bring any sunscreen. Needless to say I got rather crispy. My face is quite red, except where my sunglasses were (polarized lenses work very well to block UV rays). My forearms are burned too and I have already developed a watch mark. I have spritzed some vitamin-rich moisturizer on my burned spots, so possibly I'll be able to recover from the burn quickly. I'm hoping to not end up with the lizard skin that some of the other spectators had today. Clearly, these are women who have spent a lot of time in the sun. While they may be fit and active, they all looked older than they probably were and had all sorts of sagging, leathery, scaly skin. Definitely unattractive. I need to re-read some of Perricone's anti-aging book about what to use to treat sundamage and other oxidative damage.

Out and About in C-U
After we were cleared from the tennis tournament, we saw John Malkovich walking down the sidewalk along First Street. He's in town this week for Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival. Ripley's Game is being shown tonight and Mr. Malkovich is a special guest. I can't remember if Mr. Malkovich lived in C-U before going off to Chicago to pursue acting or if he went to school at UIUC, but there's some sort of tie there in any event.

Mitch's Saga
The inundation of the boxes began on Tuesday. He got his apartment to a minimally functional state on Wednesday and stayed there that night. Slowly he's managing to dig his way out of the labyrinth. He's discovering that the labels on the boxes aren't the most descriptive or accurate. But he did manage to find his motorcycle helmet and take BumblB out for a ride today. He claimed it was just to find a convenient way to work, but it was probably more to escape the boxes. I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing if I were in his place. However, that doesn't mean I didn't tell him I hated him since he was out on his bike and I was working. :o)

Well, time for bed. I'm dog sitting Jake and Abby this week. That slows things up a small bit when getting ready for work in the morning. I do have Sunday off, so I can play extra with the pups, assuming the weather cooperates. Of course, I also need to mow two lawns some time soon. Maybe after I teach on Monday or Tuesday. Then again, I need to write a bunch of lectures on Sunday, so perhaps mowing isn't a good idea for that reason either. Nothing like oodles of things needing to be done and only one day off to get it accomplished.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Frustrating Monday

Well, actually, today wasn't too bad. The end of my shift got unpleasant, however. Things got busy and there weren't any ambulances available. I offered to stay over to help out. The night field coordinator said that would help, but he was going to call in the night on-call person to come in and relieve me. I said I could stay until between 9 and 10pm at the latest. The on-call person gets called just after 8pm and says she's having dinner so she won't be in until 10pm. Funny...the rest of us who work there get 45 minutes to come in. We don't get to pick when we come in. She decided it was going to take her almost two hours to come in. Don't you just love it how folks will take advantage of you? Needless to say I'll be having a chat with my field coordinator in the morning about what the policy actually is and what his opinion is of this situation. I guess I'd have thought that being on-call meant that you might expect to be called in and that perhaps making plans you can't/won't change isn't particularly intelligent. Apparently I was wrong, but I'll be damned if I do anything to help this particular person out again. Ever.

Right now I'm feeling particularly angry/irritated. I really want to rant at someone, but there isn't anybody handy. I realize that I don't have a family locally and I live in town, but I'm tired of being taken advantage of by folks who have family or who live out of town. I'm tired of doing extra work for other people, but rarely being thanked and NEVER having someone repay the favor.

On the positive side, this is really kicking my motivation to get the hell out of here into high gear. I really don't give a damn for the company any more. It used to be that people took pride in the job they did and pride in the company they worked for. Apparently that is long gone now. It's everybody for themselves and screw whoever they can. *That's* a happy environment.

Time to go seethe somewhere else now. I'm willing to bet I sleep like crap tonight if I sleep at all and I was really good about not having caffeine today too. Hope I'm coherent for my interview tomorrow.

Location of the day: Richland, WA
Mitch made it to his final destination and at a reasonable hour (late afternoon). Apparently the weather was again decent, there was a tailwind and the scenery was spectacular. I can't wait to see the photos once he gets them uploaded. With any luck, the unloading of the moving truck will be as painless as the packing and loading was. Of course, the unpacking will be no where near as quick or smooth as the packing. It never is. What really sucks is that this is only a temporary place he's living. He figures he'll buy a house in the next six months and move again. Won't *that* be fun. Not.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Today's location: Ogden, Utah

Westward Bound
Mitch faced some pretty tough headwinds across Wyoming, but has made it to Ogden, Utah for the night. About 600 miles to go to Richland. Woo woo!

First day was to Des Moines. Second night, Cheyenne, Wyoming. So far the weather has been good for the trip. No major disasters and no navigational errors. A couple of times I looked up restaurants on the road ahead of him. In case you're curious, there are no Bennigan's in Utah. And the Chili's and Outback Steakhouses in Nebraska are in Lincoln and Omaha. There is a Red Lobster in North Platte, however.

RAD at Uni High
Taught the second session of a RAD self-defense course today. It's been a long time since I've taught a class. It felt pretty good. The lecture stuff went a bit long, but that's normal. There will be some catching up to do on the physical side of things next weekend, but I'm sure Joan can get that done. I'll be there on Sunday for the simulation exercises.

FO to report:
Mountain Colors Bearfoot socks in a color whose name escapes me (blues/purples). Used the Braided Toeholder pattern from 3 Trails Designs. They're a bit loose on me, but I keep accidentally washing my Mountain Colors socks in the washer, so they'll get shrunk a bit and fit perfectly.

Knitting for the evening: Elizabeth I scarf from (Glorianna version).

DVD for the evening: Hotel Rwanda

Dinner: Veggie BBQ chicken breast and steamed vegetables. Having a root beer float for dessert. Yum!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Moving right along....

Well, technically, it's Mitch that's moving. Right now he's somewhere in the middle of Nebraska and headed west, en route to Washington.

It was a busy week. I worked seven days straight, the first and last two days of which we got our butts kicked. During all of that, movers came to Mitch's house and packed everything up, then stuffed it onto a big truck and absconded with it. Apparently it went pretty painlessly for him. He's never moved with the assistance of a moving company before and was rather amazed by the efficiency of the whole process. Friday morning, he loaded up the last bits of stuff into his car and headed out on his new adventure. I'm a bit sad to see my best friend move to the west end of the country, but I'm really really happy to see him head off to a cooler, more challenging job and to finally get out of this town. Goooooooo Mitch!!! :o)

On a related note, before they packed up Mitch's motorcycle, I got to take the BumblB out for a spin. It's a lot of fun. I was good, I didn't race through the streets. I did take a nice zippy run through a nearby curve, but didn't misbehave much otherwise. Got my own bike out yesterday for a mental health trip. Nothing like spending part of a bright, sunny, 70 degree day on a motorcycle to banish the blahs.

Mitch's moving has gotten me more motivated to get my own self out of town. I am redoubling my efforts to find a "real" job. I've got no reason to stay here. The romance thing I thought had potential definitely is over. I could probably make a go of the bakery and web dev businesses, but I don't really want to do that here. What I really want is to just start over. Resumes are starting to go out today. Goal: To be out of here by the end of July at the latest.

One of the perks of Mitch moving out of town is that he left a bunch of food for me. My freezer is packed to the gills with food. Most of which seems to be frozen blueberries from last summer. Yum. I need to make some muffins. And pie. And pancakes. Fortunately, eating an excess of blueberries doesn't cause you to turn purple. Besides, blueberries *ROCK*!

The exercise front:
Exercise? What's that? Haven't done any in a while. Like in about two weeks. My apt is full of stuff right now that desperately needs to be put away and there isn't room to workout. On the other hand, I did mow the lawn yesterday, so that should count as some walking. Tomorrow I'm going to till up the backyard and re-seed it. Right now it's mostly violets. I'd rather have some grass, even if it does mean mowing. But my weight has dropped now to 157, so eating sensibly is still paying off, even in the absence of working out regularly. My current pants size has gone from being my "skinny pants" to being somewhat loose. I'm about to move into a new "skinny pants" size. Woo woo!

Things they are a blooming....
The crab trees at Mitch's house were in full bloom yesterday. We stopped to get pictures. There are two white trees and one fuschia tree. Very pretty. Today the white trees had dropped about 1/3 of their blossoms. The irises are blooming at my house. THey still aren't very tall, but they're very purple. I probably ought to fertilize the darn things more than once or twice a year. That would probably help wonders. Nonetheless, they're very pretty. If I knew how to put photos in here, I'd show you a picture. THe lily of the valley are nearly ready to bloom. They've started to put out blossoms. I dug up a bunch of the plants and moved them to the shady corner of the house with some hostas. It's a nice little shade bed now.

Divided up/re-located some black-eyed Susans. They aggressively self-seed into the gravel driveway. Fortunately the roots are nice and shallow, so I now have a front sidewalk lined with them. Should look pretty good by the end of the summer. I think there may be a coneflower or two in the mix.

Need to snag the creeping phlox and some daisies from Mitch's house. Might snag a small coreopsis too. I suppose I could trade those plants for more rudbeckia.

Of course, this all begs the question of what am I going to do with these plants if I leave town. The short answer is try to take a few with me. The real-life answer is probably that I'll be starting over with new plants wherever I end up.

Couldn't get the tiller to start today, so didn't get the backyard dug up for re-seeding. Trying to decide if I really want to do that or not anyway now. It would be a lot of work. I did re-seed a small part of the side yard. We'll see how that goes. I can always tackle the backyard in a couple of weeks. Once I get the tiller's sparkplug replaced. :o)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring is arriving!

Spring! Sproing! Sprung!
Spring appears to be here finally. No telling yet if it'll stay here, but at least this weekend we have it. Got my motorcycle out for a few hours on Friday. Went out to lunch. Went shopping. I love the looks I get when shopping for girly clothes while I carry around a motorcycle helmet and jacket. :o)

I'm getting the gardening bug again, like I do every spring. Weeded my perennial bed (mostly black-eyed susans) and will transplant the rogue Black-Eyed Susans from the gravel driveway to an actual flower bed. Probably should move more Lily of the Valley soon too. They are again threatening to take over the side yard. I've got just hte spot to put them too. By the NW corner of the house, where there is little sun, and they can keep the hostas company. Need to spray broad-leaf herbicide on my backyard before the silly violets and Creeping Charlie take over again. Next week I'm planning on overseeding the whole yard, which reminds me that I still need to pick up a bale or two of straw. My goal is to actually have grass in my backyard by the end of the summer. (My former neighbor liked to park on the backyard and drive through it regularly, so the grass all went away.) I don't know that I'll have nice enough grass to walk around barefoot, but something besides weeds would be nice.

Friday FUN!
Although I am not a fan of clothes shopping and, in fact, avoid it unless I really need to buy something. Found myself a nice halter top sweater and another shirt to wear with my little black skirt. The pressure was on to find something good as I had tickets to go see Yo-Yo Ma last night. I must have done fairly well, based upon the looks I got at the concert and at dinner. My dinner/concert companion made a point of telling me that people were looking at me, including one gentleman who "nearly gave himself whiplash 3 times". If that isn't more motivation to keep working out, I don't know what is.

Before the concert, we went out to dinner at The Great Impasta. I still have some leftover linguine with shrimp and sun-dried tomato pesto. It was very delicious, though the shrimp may have been a bit overcooked. The fresh pasta was wonderful as always. I'd pretty thoroughly stuffed myself with an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms and I also wanted to save space for dessert (vanilla panne cotta with blackberry-blueberry compote). It was a lovely time. Fortunately my skirt had some lycra in it, so my fully belly didn't get too squashed. Got my picture taken with manager Bob, waiter Ben and owner Harold. Bob used to work at the Courier Cafe and has quite attractive legs, though he doesn't get to wear shorts to work at The Great Impasta, which is a bummer. Turns out that Bob will be leaving town in June and headed to Portland, Oregon where his wife has a new job.

So, we head on to the Krannert Center. Funny story regarding Mr. Yo-Yo Ma. The restrooms in the lobby at the Krannert Center are rather small (I think the women's room has only 4 stalls), so I always use the lower level restroom which has twice the number of stalls and nobody knows of its existence. It happens to also be at the stage entrance level. I pop out of the bathroom door and who do I nearly run over as he goes past? Yep, Mr. Ma and his cello case. We said hi to each other and went our merry ways.

The concert was lovely. He played the 3rd, 5th and 6th Unaccompanied Cello Suites by J.S. Bach. And a couple of encores, one of which was a piece from his Silk Road Project. Someone threw him a rose from the side balcony, which he picked up and gave to a lady in the front row. Finally, he started shooing people out of the concert hall. I have met Mr. Ma after previous concerts. He's a very nice, down-to-earth kind of guy. He's absolutely amazed that people will come see him repeatedly or that they'll drive a couple of hours to hear him play. Always smiling. Unfortunately, Mr. Ma wasn't available for autographs this time. :o(

Slept late on Saturday. No, really, I did. I was still in bed at 7:30 this morning. (Ordinarily sleeping "late" for me is about 6am.) Spent about half the day in Greencastle, Indiana at the Fleece Fair. I almost didn't go since I already have half a dozen fleeces in need of preparation for spinning. Decided I'd go anyway since it's an annual tradition for me. I save my Christmas gift money, plus a bit extra that I save from January to April and then I get to spend it all on whatever I want at the Fleece Fair.

So I now own two more Coopworth fleeces (one gray and one cream) from Hidden Valley Farm, a black shetland lamb fleece from Wool's End, a black shetland fleece from Windy Acres, 8 ounces of black alpaca roving from Oak Meadow Alpacas and a cream crossbred fleece from Cascade Sheep and Wool (teesdale-border leicester, I think).

There were fewer vendors selling raw fleeces this year, I thought. I was surprised to not find dyed silk hankies or silk roving. I also didn't see much ingeo, silk latte or soy silk, dyed or undyed. I had thought these fibers would have appeared in at least a few booths, but alas. Not that I've had much luck spinning the soy silk I got a few years back. I apparently didn't put enough twist in it as I can't get the singles back off the bobbin without it falling apart. Looks like I'll be combing it into some wool and spinning it that way. There wasn't much in the way of prepared roving in bright colors either. A couple of vendors I have regularly bought from in the past just didn't have much selection or at least didn't have a selection which was different from anybody else. Several vendors had prepared roving with veggie matter in it, which I just won't tolerate at all.

For the past three years I've bought at least one fleece from Hidden Valley. They're incredibly clean fleeces, coming from covered sheep and being heavily skirted. I've had virtually no veggie matter in any of the fleeces I've gotten from them. The gray fleeces are without sun-damaged tips, for the most part too. I've definitely been spoiled. And I've become a much more picky consumer as a result. I don't tolerate much in the way of veggie matter in my fleeces, particularly not the really fine stuff which appears to me to be finely crushed alfalfa leaves. I know that stuff won't easily comb or card out of the fleece because it's so fine, particularly on a fine fleece. Ain't no way it'll come out of a merino fleece. Might come out of a Lincoln or Romney, but not something I want to mess with if I don't have to.

I'm looking forward to working with the lamb fleece from Wool's End. The lady in the booth struck up a conversation as I was looking at a different fleece. It turns out that she and a friend just started raising sheep at the friend's house. Both of them are spinners and thought they'd give it a try. They have four sheep. They also have angora rabbits. I went back later, after dropping off the first round of purchases at the car and helped a 10 year old boy talk his mom into maybe purchasing him an angora rabbit for Christmas. Of course, during this exchange and my purchase, the husband of the sheep lady was staffing the booth. He was a good sport though and, despite his statements to the contrary, was very knowledgeable about the wool. I'll have to keep in touch with them and buy more fleeces from them in the future. I may also have to try their angora fiber. I haven't ever tried to spin angora.

Baking this weekend:
Sunday's activity is going target shooting at Kenny's house. As always it's a potluck lunch. BBQ chicken on the grill will be handled by Kenny and Diane. Mitch requested that I bring apple turnovers. To keep the low-carb crowd happy, I'll probably also make spinach-cheese turnovers. Those always go over really well. Mitch was going to bring brownies, but isn't going to have time to bake, so I'll bring them too. We have discovered, to our dismay, that the disposable foil brownie trays are no longer available. They were 9 1/4 x 6 1/2" and just aren't to be found anywhere. They were really handy for making brownies to take places and then not have to worry about either getting the brownies out of the pan neatly or getting the pan back. Of course, the obvious solution is to double the recipe and use a 9x13 inch pan, but whining is so much more fun than finding a solution. :o)

On the workout front
Today's workout consisted of carrying stuff to my car and eating not only Skinny Dippers at The Courier Cafe, but also a hot fudge sundae (on top of last night's huge meal and dessert). Going to have to eat in moderation the rest of the week and keep going on the workouts or I'll find that my "skinny" jeans will no longer be baggy and that would be bad. Besides, the marathon is only 6 months away. YIKES!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You know it's spring when....

I have discovered that the little black gnats are all out in force now. Plastered about 6 gazillion of them all over the front of my ambulance while driving around at work today. From a distance the front of the box looked gray instead of white. I suppose better on the front of the ambulance than on the front of my motorcycle helmet, though the sportbike fairing seems to deflect most bugs over my head, which is fine by me.

On the other hand, for being a rather uneventful day, I was rather productive. Finally got the meeting minutes from the haz mat committee typed up (two weeks late). Was going to type up a business plan, but apparently left it at home. I did get most of the streets index typed in. Now I just need to get the Savoy streets added to the index, then double check that all the maps are in there. Then the first map book will be done. Only two more left to do after that and the rural town book isn't going to need many changes.

I got my official paramedic class acceptance letter today. Have some administrative paperwork to submit now. Yeeha!

I now have 5 job interviews scheduled in the next four weeks. Trying to figure out what configuration of jobs would be the best for me. I'm still leaning toward staying here in C-U. I don't want to give up my EMS gig and I can still do some epi research on the side. I do have more opportunities to do things here that I know about. On the other hand, I may have opportunities to do more stuff elsewhere, but won't know that until I get there. Or I may move and find I hate where I went. DOn't you just love how life presents you with lovely decisions like that? Can't tell what the right answer is ahead of time. While there isn't a huge penalty for getting it wrong, it is a pain in the patootie to get it back to where you were, assuming you can even do that.

Got in a full P90 strength workout tonight. I even got through all of it. I'll stretch one more time before I go to bed. My hamstrings are going to be tight in the morning, but I don't think I'll be sore anywhere.

Finished the Julie/Julia Project book last night. It was pretty ok, overall. I think the author did a bit of whining in parts, but, hell, who doesn't whine when things don't go well and you're tired of things not going well. I know I spent part of the weekend whining about life in general. I also went to Custard Cup and had a tortoise snowstorm, which was good, even if they did put peanuts and peanut butter in it instead of pecans and caramel sauce. At any rate, the author made some good observations about life and how things in life rarely come to a neat and tidy end. At least not until you die.

Well, time for a shower and finding some dinner. BTW, the millet/veggie casserole I made last week really tastes a whole lot better than I expected. I think I"d been avoiding eating it for fear I wouldn't like it. I have discovered that most of the time when I cook dinner I don't really eat much of whatever I cook, esp if it's a new recipe. I even seem to avoid eating it. It's as though I don't want to know that I went to all that work to not like the outcome. So I just end up throwing it away uneaten. I guess my brain says that's less of a waste of my time and energy than eating it and not liking it. I dunno. Working on changing that mentality and on eating more veggies and good, healthy food. So far it's working.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Well, Sunday at work was "interesting". Just at shift change, a severe thunderstorm came through, complete with a tornado about a mile south of where I was. Spent an extra couple of hours at work waiting for the idiot people who just have to walk or drive around during a tornado to become injured. Lots of reports or trees and powerlines down. This came on top of having two ambulances out of town taking patients to St. Louis, so we were pretty darn busy as it was without holding over a couple of hours in case of disaster. Fortunately, nobody got hurt by falling/flying debris or live powerlines on the ground. And suprisingly, there were no car accidents as a result of stop lights being out, despite the fact that most drivers were failing to treat intersections with light that were out as 4-way stops. Heck, someone nearly t-boned my ambulance and I was legitimately IN the intersection. I guess they figured everybody else would stop for them, even when they didn't have the right of way.

On the job front
As frequently happens in my life, there is either feast or famine. I now have four different job interviews scheduled this month. Two of the jobs are local, one 1/2 time and one full-time. Neither exactly uses my PhD, but the full-time one would come closer to using it. The two out of town jobs are in public health, but then I wouldn't be able to take the paramedic class. Hopefully I'll end up with at least one job out of this. I am going to be royally irritated if I end up with nothing after getting this far.

Elsewhere in my reality
Still not getting around to working out regularly. I have been eating fairly well, however. I have given up on taking meals to work which require microwaving. It seems that when I do that, I end up never getting anywhere near a microwave and thus don't get to eat my lunch until 6pm. This makes for a long day and a crabby, irritable Mary. Since I hate being around me when I'm crabby and I can't exactly get away from myself, I"ve decided to go back to the old standby of the PB&J and other simple lunch items. I'll keep the casseroles and burritoes for dinner and my days off.

My Beachbody Premium Diet and Support Club has finally added vegetarian meal plan options. I like their menu planning tool. I can see at a glance how many servings of fruits, veggies, dairy, etc I'm eating in a day, plus total calories. The food listings are the most complete I've seen too and include some non-standard frozen vegetarian meals that I like to eat. With that said, I still need to work on eating more vegetables. I get plenty of fruit, but rarely enough veggies. That's my next fitness/diet goal: eating 3 servings of veggies a day.

Amusing websites/blogs for this week
Yes, they're real. I particularly like the hospital warning sign.

In case you need a new USB drive