Friday, February 10, 2006

Randomness on a Friday

Finally have a day off from my day job, which is good. Working 10 out of the past 11 days was plenty.

A few weeks ago I got a new part-time gig developing webpages. There was a huge rush to get a couple of sites developed. Sites needed to be done in a couple of days, once the details were hammered out. Lots of pressure to do a fast, good, professional job. And then...nothing happened. Requests for information went unanswered. Phone calls and e-mail unreturned. I even cancelled plans with friends so that I could have open evenings to work on said websites. Nothing. Suddenly that hurry up and get everything done yesterday turned into absolutely nothing. Now I can't get phone calls returned about what's going on or if there ever will be any sites to develop. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. This is the second time this has happened. I go from being completely indispensible "Can't possibly do it without you" to being completely and totally unnecessary and apparently not even worth the effort of a 2 minute phone call or e-mail to let me know what's going on. Don't you just love it when people take you for granted and then expect you to behave as though nothing happened and get mad at you when you bring their unprofessional, disrespectful behavior to their attention? Needless to say I now consider this individual to be highly unreliable and generally a poohead who is interested in only himself. Not someone I care to do business with and I'm waiting to see his business ventures implode as a result of this behavior, which I'm sure they will do with a little time.

But this frustration has caused me to become more motivated to develop my own web dev gig. I've got Deb's site, Organizational Development International up and running. It needs some tweaking, but Deb's off on various trips for most of the summer. It's not a bad start though, if I say so myself and she's very happy with it.

Here's where I wandered to today on the internet:
The Urbana Free Library--my favorite place to feed my brain and where I regularly make donations of overdue fees because I forget what day it is. Yes, it's true, I am a scatterbrain.

Once Upon a Smile--good for a grin or two.

And, as always, I checked out some of my favorite comics: UserFriendly and Non Sequitur